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Discussion 1 Respond to David country Greece and Alisa country Italy attach below and share a business observation ba

Discussion 1 Respond to David country Greece and Alisa country Italy attach below and share a business observation ba

 Discussion 1

Respond to David country Greece and Alisa country Italy attach below and share a business observation based on the data provided. This is a great opportunity to share examples from history or the current news.

 Discussion 2

In your responses to Corinna and LuAnne post, examine their ideas for presentations. What inspirations do you have as a result?

Corinna post


When giving a presentation about my chosen topic within my chosen community, it is essential that I am educated on the audience that I am speaking to. My topic is on child sexual abuse and how to help prevent/recognize it in our community, and my audience is school officials, as I feel that is the best place to create change within this given topic. It would then be my responsibility to do my due diligence in regards to their backgrounds. I would like to find out as much as possible about these individuals i.e. if they have a family, kids, were they teachers at one point in their career. These are all very relevant, as I can use this information to draw emotions during my presentation, which will create a much larger impact on the audience (Schwertly, 2012). 

It is equally important that I am fully educated on my given topic. This includes educating myself on current laws, legislation, and plans that are already currently in place or being set forth within the community. Without a full understanding of what the school officials are doing, trying to do, and have the right to do in regards to the topic is essential, as I can sit in front of them all day and tell them to do more, but empty requests hardly ever get filled. I need to make sure that my call to action is detailed whereas they know exactly what it is that I am trying to get across to them.

LuAnne post


When giving a presentation to a community it is important to engage the audience's attention.  One way to engage the audience is by getting to know more about them and tailoring the presentation just for that particular community.  One example for high school-age teens is playing a popular song while they are coming into the presentation room and prior to introduction to help to perk their interest. It is also important to be yourself around teenagers to better engage with them. (Gerten, 2017) Teens like to show off that they know something that an adult doesn't or doesn't think that they know. (Gerten, 2017) It would also be a good idea to ask what some might already know about the subject to allow them to share knowledge and participate in the presentation.   Another example is to ask them to be active to participate in scenarios to act out ways to resist peer pressure to smoke and discuss strategies to do so.  It can be a good idea to offer a challenge to the teen community to serve as motivation. (Gerten, 2017)  In order to do this, I can ask them to sign a contract to resist the pressures of smoking and offer a reward for doing so which is also a good motivational tool.  

Discussion 3

Respond to Amelia and Jorge post be constructive and professional with responses.

Amelia post


Toyota Company's trading processes are controlled by the World Trading Organization (WTO), one of the governing bodies worldwide that regulate business activities. The WTO is essential to Toyota since it is the only worldwide company dealing with global trade laws. Its main objective is to keep trade moving freely, smoothly, and consistently as possible.

The involvement of the WTO in managing the functioning of Toyota company has highly impacted the company. The WTO's most significant objective is to ensure that global trade laws are followed by organizations worldwide. One effect is that Toyota may only export and import their products if they obey the WTO's regulations(Santome, 2019). As a result, Toyota's product exports have risen, directly and indirectly, recognizing the WTO's involvement. Toyota company has recorded a significant rise in product exports due to adhering to WTO rules and regulations. However, the Toyota Corporation has suffered a setback. This is due to the increase in tariff rates, which hurts the firm's pace to export its products to other nations. As a result, it may be concluded that the WTO's rules and regulations may negatively and positively impact the Toyota Company.

The United States being a founding member of the World Trade Organization, its firms are less influenced by WTO rules and regulations, resulting in a favorable economic environment. In addition, businesses operating inside the founding members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) enjoy less stringent laws and restrictions (Santome, 2019). Therefore, for Toyota to be more successful, it should conduct its commercial operations within a founder member of the WTO, such as the United States, because the company will not be saddled with high tariff rates and obstacles to export and import their products.

Jorge post


The company I chose is Lacoste, the company was founded by famous tennis player named Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier a French polytechnician in 1933.

Lacoste is present in over 98 countries and over 32 online stores with a great global reputation. The company is designed as an ecosystem within teams, suppliers and partners collaborate. To reinforce strategy and guarantee compliance with laws and ethical standards, They rely on 3 pillars of the code of conduct.

Fair play every day- Which details the rules applied to the group of employees and partners.

Anticorruption- outlines the frame of reference for preventing and fighting corruption for all employees.

Partner Ethics Charter- commits their partners to responsible and economic relations.

In efforts to facilitate employees to highlight violations of the laws Lacoste has introduced an external whistleblowing system. Information confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the whistleblowing process. The protection of their brand relies on collective actions, they are members of the international trademark association and the business action to stop counterfeiting and piracy.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012, LACOSTE has led its actions according to its major principles and those of the leading international reference texts:

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two additional international pacts relating to civil and political rights and to economic, social and cultural rights.

The eight fundamental agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The Guiding Principles of the OECD.

The United States Convention Against Corruption.

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

Oscar post


In my current job there is a roughly 60 people who provide support for more than 1,800 individuals within our organization, these group of 60 people are divided into three different division that provide support for these people: Budget and Finance, Logistics and Human Resources. In these division we have employees at various stages, entry levels all the way to senior management and depending on their duties, these people could be bargaining or non-bargaining employees.

At the end of the year managers nominate their employees for monetary awards (bonus) and the amount is determined by the level of performance that year, we do this in hopes to motivate our employees and show them that we are paying attention to their level of work and that good work is rewarded and reinforce this aptitude on our employees. According to Cherry (2020), “Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.” And this exactly the behavior we want to instill on our employees, in other words, our employees have a sense of expectancy when they perform very well and we as managers reinforce the behavior by rewarding our high-performance employees.

One of the challengers that managers must overcome is that when nominating an employee, there are other managers that also nominating their employees, so the managers have made sure that when rewarding that behavior, that behavior must align with our organization’s priorities. According to Kopp (n.d.), “Agency theory addresses disputes that arise primarily in two key areas: A difference in goals or a difference in risk aversion.” (n.d.). So, the decision maker must be able take two alike recommendations and find the nominations that better portrays the organization priorities.

The advantage of this plan is that bonus can be divided up by all individuals as most of the employees have a cap limit of the number of bonuses we can rewards. A potential negative impact is that we have encounter managers that have nominated all of their employees in an effort to be impartial to all of his employees, the problem with this approach is that sometimes there is a certain employee who has not performed at the desired level, thus receiving a monetary bonus that becomes expected for the following year, and makes it difficult to determine if in fact the employee is performing at the desired level.

Jasmine post

 In my current workplace, I am a patient care coordinator within a hospital and I was hired through a recruiting agency that has similar components to a compensation approach design. The potential advantages of a compensation approach design are attracting top talent, increased employee motivation, a boost of employee loyalty, increase of productivity and profitability, and job satisfaction (Leonard, K., 2019). When being hired through the recruiting agency I was able to experience the advantages of a compensation approach such as being a candidate with my education experience making me a talent. I was able to experience employee motivation as I would be working under the agency then onto being part of the hospital to secure my position as this is a career goal I want to obtain. The potential negatives to a compensation approach design are competition for talent, legal compliance issues, the design of executive compensation, and recognizing and rewarding employees (Chron, 2020). The potential negatives that I have seen from the compensation approach design are the legal compliance issues that I could face is the pay wages between myself and co-workers. This could happen based on that I am paid through an agency and possibly higher than a current hospital employee. When being recognized and rewarded can be beneficial but it can be negative as it can be misleading in my perspective as I am trying to build a report and ensure my position to separate from the agency and be put on the hospital's payroll. While the agency can tell me I am doing well the hospital can tell me different or just need me for temporary services. The difficulties of administering the compensation approach design could be the wages, health insurance, paid time off, and areas of benefits like tuition reimbursement, and profit-sharing (Dietrich, R., 2021). These are additional areas of how the compensation approach could have trouble being put into place as people that are looking for employment are seeing what additional benefits come with the position.  

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