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Visual Basics Name Repeater Project

Visual Basics Name Repeater Project

Question Description

  1. In this assignment you create a small project where you enter your first name and last name, then click on a button to display: Hello, <your first name> <your last name>. See below screenshot for completed project.
  2. Here is the instructions:
  3. Create a new project and name it as yourlastname-firstname-Assignment1. Save this project in VB folder you created earlier.
  4. Using form’s Text property, change the title to: Your full name – Assignment 1.
  5. From Toolbox (Click on View menu option and choose Toolbox), Add three Labels, two TextBoxes, and a Button controls on the form. You use TextBoxes to input your first name and last name. See below Form Layout with Controls for more details.
  6. Select Label1 and in its Text property type: Your First Name.
  7. Select Label 2 and in its Text property type: Your Last Name.
  8. Select Label3 and in its Text property type: Your Full name will be displayed here; Name Label3 as: lblFullName; change BorderStyle to Fixed3D; change AutoSize to True.
  9. Select Button1 and in its Text property type: “Display my name” This is the label for the button. Name the Button as: btnDisplayName
  10. Select TextBox1 and Name it as: txtFirstName.
  11. Select TextBox2 and Name it as: txtLastName.
  12. Double-click the button and type the following code inside the button Sub procedure to display:
    • “Hello, “ & content of txtFirstName & space & content of txtLastName.
  13. You can access the content of a TextBox from its Text property.
  14. To start with your code, try this: lblFullName.text = “Hello, ” & txtFirstName.text …. And continue.
  15. Run the program, press the button, “Hello, <your firstname> <your lastname>” displays on the label.
  16. Items to note: Appearance of the form is very important; Make sure that your design is clean; You name the controls according to the instructions; Spelling is important.
  17. To save the project, from File, select Save All.
  18. Continue with SaveAll after making changes.
  19. Once project is complete, open File Explorer; open VB folder and you will see a folder named: yourlastname-firstname-Assignment1. This folder contains a folder and a solution file with SLN extension. Both are named the same. Solution file (.SLN) and the folder containing VB necessary files to run the project.

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