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PHIL 106 PSU Benefits of a Remote Workforce and Virtual Collaboration Essay

PHIL 106 PSU Benefits of a Remote Workforce and Virtual Collaboration Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a philosophy writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Please See the prompt Below and see my answer to a previous discussion assignment. I would like you to write the paper from the prompt and by building off of another assignment. Thanks in advance

I would like you to reflect on the career/job/vocation you plan on getting after your graduation (or in the future). How do you think technology will change the nature of this field? During the pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic shift to online meetings. Do you think your career will develop/change/disappear, etc. due to this development? Is there anything you can do to prepare yourself for this future? That is, what can you change about your relationship to technology or your career in order to be more successful (if anything)? Also, what are the ethical concerns of this career (in general, but concerning technology specifically if you can).

Responses should be between 1000-1500 words. You may consult outside material if you desire, but it is not required.


Career: Educator.

Online learning is becoming more prevalent and accessible. However, there is concern that learning solely online diminishes the experience of education. It may be a tool that is useful, but it can’t replace in-person instruction for a number of skills/classes. Also, there is concern for the career stability of educators given the switch to online instruction. The primary ethical concern is that the adoption of online models for education devalues the role of the educator and incentivizes the worst aspects of assessment (e.g., facile adherence to an evolving metric, reproduction of information rather than integrated learning, lack of communication/relationship between instructor and student, etc.).


My Major: Petroleum Engineering,

Career: Energy Industry

I answered a similar question in a discussion assignment. I’ll copy the question and my answer so you can get a sense of my writing and build off of my answer. The question was a discussion post about a documentary (not important)

Previous Question:

Some things to consider about this documentary and how to formulate a response:

1. How do you think the career you’re hoping to have will be changed by technology in the future (e.g., the next 5-25 years)?

2. Do you think automation poses more of an economic problem (i.e., unemployment) or a philosophical/existential problem (i.e., how do we structure a society or a life without wage labor?)?

3. Are there other industries that you think will be dramatically changed through emerging technologies that the doc didn’t address?

4. The documentary is neither pro or anti technology. Instead, it’s a collection of voices reflecting on how technology impacts our lives (i.e., mainly our relationship to work and death). How has technology already changed the career you plan on pursuing? Or how has technology already changed an industry you’re interested in?

5. Are there industries/jobs/careers/pursuits that are technology resistant? That is, it would seem impossible able for technology to improve or replace them?

Previous Answer:

I’m studying petroleum engineering so my future career would be in the energy sector. Technology will most definitely have an impact on the energy industry in the near future. As the technology for renewable energy advances, the demand for hydrocarbon should decrease. However, the demand for energy is expected to grow. Thus, the demand for oil is also expected to grow.
I believe Automation is more of an economic problem than a philosophical one. Moreover, the economic problems that automation will most likely cause would be short term problems as people will change career paths in the same way that it happened in the past. Furthermore, Automation will cause more people to go into more sophisticated jobs such as programming which will benefit society and cause further advancements in technology.
Technology advancements and Automation could affect firefighting in dramatic ways. For instance, there is a drone equipped with fire extinguishing equipment designed to extinguish fires on higher floors by shooting a fire extinguishing grenade through the window. Moreover, in the future instead of sending firefighters into a burning building to rescue people, an automated robot could do it.
Technological advancements can create new industries and expand existing ones. For example, the petroleum industry started as a response to the creation of oil lamps. To elaborate, petroleum did not have many uses other than being used for making lamp oil (Kerosene) back in the late 1800s. As technology advanced, more and more uses for petroleum were discovered thus the industry shifted its focus from lamp oil to vehicle fuel, electricity generation, plastic production, and much more.
In my opinion, there is nothing that is technology resistant. Technology can and most likely will improve all industries and pursuits. However, there are jobs and industries that technology cannot replace. Some of those include jobs that require human interaction such as education and counseling. Moreover, some jobs require human judgment such as policing and political work.

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