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PED 103 Chesapeake College Wellness and Fitness Absence of Sickness Case Study

PED 103 Chesapeake College Wellness and Fitness Absence of Sickness Case Study

Question Description

PED 103Case Study – Martha

Martha is a 52-year-old divorced woman with three grown children. Her oldest child, Heather, is married with a good career and is expecting her first baby. She is beyond excited to become a grandmother but her daughter lives 3 states away. Martha will be there for the birth of the baby but will have to find a way to see her grandchild despite the distance. Martha’s middle child, Scott, is single. He has a teaching degree and a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He has been in recovery for a year now but Martha feels like she is always in a state of dread because he has relapsed 3 times before. Carter is Martha’s youngest child. He lives at home and commutes to a local university where he is a senior. Carter has been Martha’s bright spot and she is hopeful that he will remain on the “straight and narrow” and be a successful member of society. Although she is not anxious to experience the “empty nest” that so many of her friends talk about.

Martha works as a legal secretary and lives on a tight budget. She is considering returning to college, and maybe even dating, now that her children are older. However, Martha is afraid to make a decision that she may regret. In fact, when Martha makes plans to return to school or to join an online dating site, she feels so anxious that she sometimes experiences panic attacks. Martha can’t decide if she should let her life remain status quo or if she should work through her fears holding out hope for a more fulfilling life. Martha asked her family doctor for something for anxiety, but he suggested that she call a counselor. She has yet to schedule an appointment.

One thing Martha is doing for herself is taking a yoga and spin class at her local YMCA. She really enjoys the exercise and the social interaction the classes provide. Her life, up to this point, has focused on her family and their needs, but she is learning to take time for herself. Her doctor also encouraged her to begin an exercise routine when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol last year. There is a history of heart attacks and stroke in her family so she decided to do something about her health besides just take the medication that was prescribed. This has also increased her self-esteem and she feels more empowered to take charge of her life and health. She is so proud of the fact that she could overcome her anxiety to participate in these activities.

Martha has a great support system. She has three very close friends that she can call on for support and socialize with. They usually get together once a week for dinner. She enjoys their company and values their friendship. Even when their lives get busy, someone is always a phone call away. Martha never had a very good family life; she grew up in the foster-care system which provided many stability challenges. She got married young to escape the system and it probably wasn’t the best decision as far as a long-term relationship but it did finally provide her with the home and family she always wanted.

Martha is a strong, resilient woman and will continue to battle life’s challenges with courage and optimism.

Please answer the following questions using the information you have learned throughout the semester. Your responses to the four questions should be in depth and in complete sentences and paragraph form.

1) Discuss each component of wellness and discuss how it relates to the lifestyle behaviors you can identify in the case. How would you rate each of the components of wellness on a scale of 1-10?

2) Identify and discuss the factors or behaviors that put this person at greater risk for the chronic lifestyle diseases we discussed in class.

3) Describe specific lifestyle changes you would recommend to improve their overall wellness (most important to least important). Make sure nutrition and exercise are part of the changes you recommend.

4) Locate a relevant source that provides research-based information that increases the knowledge of the person in the case. Evaluate the source for authority, accuracy, currency and objectivity. Fully cite the source in A.P.A. format.


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