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NYU Project Management Quality Assurance & Quality Control Exam Practice

NYU Project Management Quality Assurance & Quality Control Exam Practice

Question Description

Question 19 of 21

1.5 Points

What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Question 20 of 21

2.0 Points

What is the difference between “validation” and “verification” and what techniques are used for each?

Question 21 of 21

30.0 Points

Select one of the following three questions
• You are a project manager reporting to the President of a large professional organization, the International Society of Circus Acrobats. Two months from now ISCA will hold its annual convention. Normally the convention attracts 5,000 members. Most of them arrive by car, either in their own vehicle or in a rental. Your team has been assigned to arrange the event, and you have announced that it will be held at the Grand Imperial Hotel in the seaside resort of Paradise Shores. The contract with the hotel was signed and the deposit paid six months ago. You have just received an e-mail from the events manager at the hotel advising you that the Buildings Department of Paradise Shores discovered a structural problem with the hotel parking garage. The garage has been closed for repairs and will not be available during your conference. To solve this problem, your team has made arrangements for several nearby garages to provide parking spaces for your participants. Each registered participant who will be arriving by car will be assigned a space through a mobile phone app called ParkWiz. Participants must download the app for their phones and use it to check into and check out of their spaces. Drawing upon the knowledge you have gained in this course, create an item for the project Quality Control Register. Fill in all of the fields.

• You are a project manager reporting to the Director of Construction of a real estate development company. Your team has been assigned to manage the construction of a new luxury lodge in a wilderness area. Excavation has begun for the foundation of the building. Your General Contractor was recently notified by the head of a local environmental group that the construction crew has destroyed a nest of some birds belonging to an endangered species. According to the environmentalist, there are many other nests around the building site. The species of bird is protected under the law and there are financial penalties for harming them. The environmental group has demanded that construction cease immediately, and they plan to launch a social media campaign and hold a press conference denouncing the luxury lodge. To solve this problem, your team has made arrangements to halt construction until the present nesting season is complete, and then to build an alternative nesting environment nearby which meets the requirements of the Audubon Society (a non-profit association devoted to the well-being of birds). Drawing upon the knowledge you have gained in this course, create an item for the project Quality Control Register. Fill in all of the fields.

• You are a project manager at a global financial services firm. For the past three years, an incubator sponsored by the firm has been developing software for clients to invest in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). The cryptocurrency development project has always followed an Agile methodology. Now the firm has decided that the cryptocurrency development should be transferred from the incubator to its own IT department. In the new environment, the project team will need to follow more structured processes and comply with government regulations. As project manager, you have been asked to lead all future development work and implement quality management practices. The Scrum Master and Product Manager are not pleased to have you as their new boss. What will you do within the first 90 days of your new assignment?

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