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MKTG 01 Wide Spread Distribution Means & Oreo Company Case Study

MKTG 01 Wide Spread Distribution Means & Oreo Company Case Study

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OREO® Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich | Klondike®

Everyone (in a group of 2-3) is required to give one presentation of an assigned case study. The main purpose of the case studies is to apply concepts discussed in the classroom to critically evaluate a real world situation. Your case presentation will be graded on two parts: content and delivery, as indicated on the attached evaluation sheet. Content includes whether your presentation was accurate, complete, specific, detailed, error free, and up-to-date (Case material provided is often outdated. It is your responsibility to complement the existing data from the case material with new, up-to-date information through primary and secondary research methods). Were appropriate analytical tools included? Were they correct? Were your recommendations specific? Did you show clearly how your recommendations could be implemented?

Delivery includes whether your case presentation was interesting, lively, special, upbeat, and clear. Were your visual aids readable from the back of the class? Did you use color to highlight points? Were your voice tone, eye contact, posture, and appearance good? Were transparencies, handouts, slides, the blackboard, PowerPoint, or flip charts used to make your oral presentation as interesting and informative as possible?

Speak freely and DO NOT READ YOUR PRESENTATION OFF A SHEET!!! (Except perhaps the mission statement).

During each case presentation, the class will ask the presenting team questions, solicit further explanation of any unclear parts of the presentation, point out any mistakes in the analyses presented, comment on the feasibility and thoroughness of recommendations given, and, perhaps, offer counter-recommendations with supporting analyses or information. Helpful criticism, praise, and compliments should be given, as appropriate. Everyone needs to attend class and to participate in these class discussions.

Case Presentation guidelines:

You will make a formal 15-minute presentation, along with an additional 5 minutes for class questions, Kahoot and challenges. At a minimum, your final presentation should include:

  1. Well researched background about the organization; (case material provided is often outdated. It is your responsibility to complement the existing data from the case material with new, up-to-date information through primary and secondary research methods. Conduct library research, web search, or personal interviews to present relevant information about the company and the industry to enhance background information. Library research should not be limited to the Web site of the company. Consult with the librarians for references. Sort through information you gathered and find something important, relevant, and interesting to discuss with the class.)
  2. Summarize the case very briefly.
  3. Present the key issues of the problem. Do not repeat the entire content of the case to bore the class.
  4. A SWOT analysis and identify where you see this company in 5 years. What are the environmental forces that this company may have to contend with?
  5. Presentations should tie-in with chapter objectives.
  6. Include current issues, interesting visuals, role-plays, and/or fun activities for class involvement.
  7. Future expectations (if any) related to the case;
  8. Suggestions to the organization based on what you know about the case and what you have learned about marketing strategies;
  9. At the end of the case presentation prepare 5 multiple choice or true false questions to evaluate student understanding of the case content. To make these assessments more enjoyable for the students, we will use the Kahoot game-based web/mobile application to administer the quizzes. To get credit and enable grading, each student must use their last names as Nickname for each Kahoot quiz.

Pay attention to the response of the class – are they bored? or are they interested? – Design strategies to keep them involved in your presentation. Be Creative! Boring presentations are not acceptable. Provide the class with related material, current issues to generate topics for class discussion. Stimulate, motivate & lead class discussions to come up with the best answers. Provide interesting & unique ways in which the class can participate as teams in developing answers to the case discussions. In other words, don’t just give away or force-feed your answers to the class. You need to submit power point slides for the presentation to the appropriate box on Canvas prior 24 hours of your presentation.

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