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MAN 351 Purdue University Global Operations Management Paper

MAN 351 Purdue University Global Operations Management Paper

Question Description

A- Cover Sheet which can be in the APA format containing the information noted on the Term Paper Assignment page.

B-Table of Contents which is the outline for the body of information you are presenting with the associated pages.

C- Body of the paper you start with an Introduction to what you will be covering in the paper or the question(s) you are trying to answer. Since you selected technology as the subject of your paper, the body of the paper should be broken into sections, one section for each technology, ie. CAD/CAM, Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Data Interchange, and Enterprise Resource Planning. The body of the paper should be no less than five (5) typewritten pages (double spaced). The end of the body of the paper should have a Conclusion section which summarizes the points discussed in the previous pages and provides the answer to the question you presented in the introduction.

D- Reference List identifying all research resources used or quoted in the body of the paper.

E – Submit your paper as a pdf file so that none of the formatting or content is lost or illegible.

You may want to check YouTube to get some ideas on how to write a term paper.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



MAN 351 Operations Management


Each student is to prepare a typewritten report on one (1) of the assignments indicated in the attached sheets. The report should be no less than five (5) typewritten pages not including the cover sheet, table of contents or reference list.

Each report should contain a cover sheet with the following information:

Title of Report

Course Number

Student’s Name

Date Report is Submitted

Each report should contain a table of contents to identify the main elements of the report and a reference list to identify the sources of information. Students are expected to utilize outside source materials to research the necessary information. These sources can include the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times (past and present issues), Fortune, textbooks, reference books, etc.

Copied reports will not be accepted.

ASSIGNMENT 1 – Operations Management in Services

  1. Give one example of a business following each of these approaches. Describe each business – name, what the service is, who are target customers.
    1. Production line approach
    2. Customer involvement approach
    3. Personal attention approach
  2. For every business you listed above, identify two important operations management challenges.
  3. Describe how technology is being used in service production by every business you listed above.

MAN 351 Operations Management- Term Project Assignments

Page 2

ASSIGNMENT 2 – Supply Chain Management

  1. Consider consumer products such as Starbuck’s coffee, Nestle chocolate, Coca-cola drinks and McDonald hamburgers. Describe the SUPPLY CHAIN of any one of these produces in detail from supplier to consumer. Identify and evaluate any challenges or issues associated with the efficient flow through the supply chain. Use reliable publications (NOT Wikipedia) for information. Add diagrams, where appropriate, to illustrate your points of discussion.

ASSIGNMENT 3 – New Product Introduction

The following companies are known for their strong ability to introduce new products quickly. Go to the websites for the firms below and

  1. Identify and describe the new products that are being offered to the public.
  2. Determine whether the new product(s) fall into the category of (a) incremental or derivative, (b) next generation or platform, (c) breakthrough or radical.
  3. Explain and justify your choice.




ASSIGNMENT 4 – Quality Management

  1. Compare the ISO certification process with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. What are the main differences?
  2. Explain why some quality initiatives fail in American Organizations?
  3. Explain the concept of Six Sigma and its relationship to ISO certification and the Malcolm Baldrige Award system.

ASSIGNMENT 5 – Technology

Advances in technology in recent years have had a significant effect on the operations management function. Discuss how such technologies as: CAD/CAM, Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Data Interchange and Enterprise Resource Planning, allow organizations to mass customize their products and services to meet the needs of individual customers and place them where and when they are needed to supply demand.

MAN 351 Operations Management- Term Project Assignment

Page 3

ASSIGNMENT 6 – Algorithms: The New Paradigm

The single greatest instrument of change in today’s business world and one that is creating major uncertainties for global economy and the nature of business is the advancement of mathematical algorithms and their related sophisticated software. Machines are communicating with other machines without human intervention, learning through artificial intelligence and making consistent decisions based on prescribed rules and processed through algorithms.

  1. Discuss the nature and structure of a business algorithm.
  2. Discuss how this technology connects the corporation to the customer experience, speed decision-making, flatten the organization and force the creation of new performance metrics.
  3. Discuss three organizations that are successfully using algorithm technology to their competitive advantage.

* Please choose one of the assignments attached above. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to discuss.

* You use outside resources for this assignment.

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