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Lehman College A Walk in The World from An African American Perspective Presentation

Lehman College A Walk in The World from An African American Perspective Presentation

Question Description



Topic: Race and Social Justice: A walk in the World from an African-American perspective

Statement of purpose:

The topic is significant to my research because it emphasizes the importance of having equal rights despite the place of origin. Race and social justice have been discussed so often because it has proved hard to achieve the set goal because of various stereotypes about a particular society. The stereotypes make families and communities feel they are not part of society because of the equitable treatment. Discrimination should be avoided to make people feel equal. No one should be made to feel inferior because of their race since it is not a choice. The main argument is based on the importance of practicing equal rights on every social platform.

Important quote from the primary text that led to this research question:

Revolution cannot be tweeted because social media cannot give the social change that is needed. In an article, which talks of race and social justice, there is clear proof that discrimination exists. I the hotel, isolation occurs because the blacks are referred to as Negros, who cannot share anything with the Whites. In Woolworth, the counter had different seats, one for the Whites while at Snack Bar was placed in another far end. A Black employee who worked here walked up to the black students and told them to move away from the seats meant for Whites. It is sad because she even told them they are stupid and ignorant. The words did not make them leave the place; the lunch counter started experiencing an increase in the number of people rather than a decrease. By morning, there were protests by other people who had joined the Negro students. The crowd continued pilling until they were uncontrollable. The example shows that a revolution does not need mass reaction at once; they can continue pilling up each day as a show of support. Social means are not necessary for the mobilization of ideas. It can be done ad mobilized well with few participants who will keep growing as time goes on.

Primary source:

Individuals who use Twitter and other social media programs replace their qualities and become determined, selfless, disciplined, and inspired to lead others in moments of great historical importance. Gladwell (2010) says that the civil rights sit-ins started in Greensboro in North Carolina in 1960. The web is not necessarily a tool to carry out a revolution, but a way through which people in the back can hear what is being said. Social media platforms are built on a weak connection because individuals interact without even meeting, making a revolution challenging to arrange.

Thesis (your main argument):

It is a challenge to separate online and offline relationships. It can be challenging to convince an oppressed group to join me in the fight for equal rights because one may turn down the decision and prefer to use a phone for communication rather than a fax machine. It is an act that leaves you with no option because you are stranded.

The approach to the subject of my topic: (e.g. political, educational, social, psychological, etc.): social

A walk in the World from an African-American perspective is a topic that coincides with slavery. The expected African-American characteristics are fueled by different stereotypes maintained by the status quo. Stereotyping has hurt African-American families because they believe that they are lazy, violent, and often involved in crime (Tourse et al., 2018). The impact has been felt in various aspects, for instance, educational, socioeconomic status, and employment opportunities, which have dismantled the African-American families. The oppression experienced is a form of critical human rights justice that needs to be addressed in social work practice. Stereotypes have contributed to denying different human rights, characterized by inequalities in almost every sector, be it employment, education, and even the justice system. A suggestion for the creation of culturally competent interventions has been aired to improve social equity.

The African-American is the most affected stereotyped group concerning socializations held about them. Regardless of the stereotype incorporated into an individual’s belief system, fixed impressions of shared attributes among a group of people are widely held by the society, helping people make sense of the social settings, situations, and interactions with other people.

Two (2) secondary sources with a brief summary of each:

Wing (2018) argues that people are not prepared for the extensive damage in a country. Due to the lack of a strong state founded on the united national fronts led by powerful and organized forms of social justice forces, there is a likelihood that the liberal power players will play a role in compromising what is right. In the book, Systemic racism in the United States: Scaffolding as a social construction, Tourse et al. (2018) argues that there are established laws and policies that support institutionalized racism in the country. Lack of freedom and equality to other societies shows a strong picture of social race construction. The recent ideology of race says that the government does not need to adopt race-based remedies on making decisions, and race should be a central part of organizing social action.

My analysis/Message from me to my intended audience/One famous quote of all times that connects to my discussion:

My analysis is that racism lives with us; we try to fight it every single day with the hope of success, but we fail as a society. Granting equal rights is not easy because we already have stereotypes that we have instilled for ourselves, which has limited us to change. One famous quote for this discussion is Nelson Mandela, who says, “When people are determined, they can overcome anything.” He is hopeful that things will change.


Tourse, R. W. C., Hamilton-Mason, J., & Wewiorski, N. J. (2018). Systemic racism in the

United States: Scaffolding as social construction.

Wing, B. O. B. (2018). Toward racial justice and a third reconstruction. Place of publication

not identified: Lulu.Com.

Gladwell, M. (2010). Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted. From:…


Course Readings (primary text) select one (1):

·“Black and Blue” by Garnette Cadogan (Tx2 p. 129)

·“On Being Cripple” by Nancy Mairs (Tx1 p.259)

· “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” by Malcolm Gladwell

·“How These Muslim Women Became NYC Civic Leaders” by Elisabeth Becker (CR)

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