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LA Pierce College Best Means of Hiring & Testing New Employees Business Report

LA Pierce College Best Means of Hiring & Testing New Employees Business Report

Question Description

It must include the following elements:Title, letter, table of contents, Introduction, Background, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations, and References.

This is an example of a business report. It must be at least 5 pages long.

Model Formal Report With APA Citation Style

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style is formatted as follows. The title is centered on the top, 2 inches from the top margin. Title line 1: Economic Impact Of Coconino Industrial Park. Line 2: On The City Of Flagstaff. Comment: Includes report title in all caps with longer line above shorter line. Following the space of several blank lines is the centered heading, Prepared for The Flagstaff City Council Flagstaff, Arizona. Comment: Divide blank lines equally to separate the sections. Comment: Highlights name of report recipient. Following the space of several blank lines is the centered heading, Prepared by Sophia T Silva Senior Research Consultant Sedona Development Company. Comment: Identifies report Writer. The date, January 12, 2018, is at the bottom center, 2 inches from the bottom margin. Comment: Omits page Number. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. Heading, RED ROCK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. The date, January 12, 2018 is on the top left, followed by City Council City of Flagstaff 211 West Aspen Avenue Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001. The report opens with Dear Council Members: The attached report, requested by the Flagstaff City Council in a letter to Goldman-Lyon and Associates dated October 20, describes the economic impact of Coconino Industrial Park on the city of Flagstaff. We believe you will find the results of this study useful in evaluating future development of industrial parks within the city limits. Comment: Announces report and identifies authorization. Next paragraph: This study was designed to examine economic impact in three areas: a bulleted list follows. Current and projected tax and other revenues accruing to the city from Coconino Industrial Park. Current and projected employment generated by the park. Indirect effects on local employment, income, and economic growth. Comment: Gives broad overview of report purposes. Next paragraph: Primary research consisted of interviews with 15 Coconino Industrial Park C I P tenants and managers, in addition to a 2016 survey of over 5,000 C I P employees. Secondary research sources included the Annual Budget of the City of Flagstaff, county and state tax records, government publications, periodicals, books, and online resources. Results of this research, discussed more fully in this report, indicate that Coconino Industrial Park exerts a significant beneficial influence on the Flagstaff metropolitan economy. Comment: Describes primary and secondary research. Conclusion: We would be pleased to discuss this report and its conclusions with you at your request. My firm and I thank you for your confidence in selecting our company to prepare this comprehensive report. Comment: Offers to discuss report; expresses appreciation. Salutation: Sincerely, Sophia E Silva, Senior Research Consultant, S E S: m e f, Attachment. At the bottom center is number 2 in Roman numerals. Comment: Uses Roman numerals for prefatory pages. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. Heading, centered and in bold block letters, Table of Contents. There are two columns: items in one and page numbers in the other. Comment: Uses leaders to guide eye from heading to page number. The entries are as follows. Executive summary, 4 in Roman numerals. Introduction: Coconino and the local economy, 1. Background: the role of C I P in commercial development, 1. Discussion: revenues, employment, and indirect benefits, 2. The entries so far were in block letters. The following entries are indented and not capitalized. Revenues, 2. Sales and Use Revenues, 3. Other Revenues, 3. Projections, 3. A space of one line follows. Employment, 3. Distribution, 3. Wages, 4. Projections, 5. The next entry, Conclusions and recommendations, 5, is in block letters, as is the following, References, 6. Comment: Indents secondary headings to show levels of outline. The next section has a centered title in block letters: List of figures. The entries are as follows. Figure. 1. Revenues Received by the City of Flagstaff From Coconino Industrial Park, 2. 2. Employment Distribution of Industry Groups, 4. 3. Average Annual Wages by Industry Groups, 4. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. The next section is titled, Executive Summary. The city of Flagstaff can benefit from the development of industrial parks like the Coconino Industrial Park. Comment: Opens directly with major research findings. Continued: Both direct and indirect economic benefits result, as shown by this in-depth study conducted by Red Rock Development Company. The study was authorized by the Flagstaff City Council when Goldman-Lyon and Associates sought the City Council’s approval for the proposed construction of a G L industrial park. The City Council requested evidence demonstrating that an existing development could actually benefit the city. Next paragraph: Our conclusion that the city of Flagstaff benefits from industrial parks is based on data supplied by a survey of 5,000 Coconino Industrial Park employees, personal interviews with managers and tenants of C I P, city and state documents, and professional literature. Comment: Identifies data sources. Continued: Analysis of the data revealed benefits in three areas: Comment: Summarizes organization of report. Continued: In bold: Revenues. The city of Flagstaff earned over 3 million dollars in tax and other revenues from the Coconino Industrial Park in 2016. By 2025 this income is expected to reach 5.4 million dollars in constant 2016 dollars. In bold: Employment. In 2016, C I P businesses employed a total of 7,035 workers, who earned an average wage of 56,579 dollars. By 2025, C I P businesses are expected to employ directly nearly 15,000 employees who will earn salaries totaling over 998 million dollars. In bold: Indirect benefits. Because of the multiplier effect, by 2025 Coconino Industrial Park will directly and indirectly generate a total of 38,362 jobs in the Flagstaff metropolitan area. On the basis of these findings, it is recommended that development of additional industrial parks be encouraged to stimulate local economic growth. The city would increase its tax revenues significantly, create much-needed jobs, and thus help stimulate the local economy in and around Flagstaff. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. The next section is centered and titled in bold, Introduction: Coconino and the local economy. This study was designed to analyze the direct and indirect economic impact of Coconino Industrial Park on the city of Flagstaff. Specifically, the study seeks answers to these questions: a bulleted list follows. What current tax and other revenues result directly from this park? What tax and other revenues may be expected in the future? How many and what kinds of jobs are directly attributable to the park? What is the employment picture for the future? What indirect effects has Coconino Industrial Park had on local employment, incomes, and economic growth? Comments: Uses a bulleted list for clarity and ease of reading. Lists three problem questions. The next section is centered and titled in bold, Background: the role of C I P in commercial development. The development firm of Goldman-Lyon and Associates commissioned this study of Coconino Industrial Park at the request of the Flagstaff City Council. Before authorizing the development of a proposed Goldman-Lyon industrial park, the city council requested a study examining the economic effects of an existing park. Members of the city council wanted to determine to what extent industrial parks benefit the local community, and they chose Coconino Industrial Park as an example. Comment: Describes authorization for report and background of study. Next paragraph: For those who are unfamiliar with it, Coconino Industrial Park is a 400-acre industrial park located in the city of Flagstaff about 4 miles from the center of the city. Most of the land lies within a specially designated area known as Redevelopment Project Number 2, which is under the jurisdiction of the Flagstaff Redevelopment Agency. Planning for the park began in 2002; construction started in 2004. Next paragraph: The original goal for Coconino Industrial Park was development for light industrial users. Land in this area was zoned for uses such as warehousing, research and development, and distribution. Like other communities, Flagstaff was eager to attract light industrial users because such businesses tend to employ a highly educated workforce, are relatively quiet, and do not pollute the environment, Cohen, 2017. The city of Flagstaff recognized the need for light industrial users and widened an adjacent highway to accommodate trucks and facilitate travel by workers and customers coming from Flagstaff. Comment: Includes A P A citation with author name and date. Bottom center: Number 1.Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. Next paragraph: The park now contains 14 building complexes with over 1.25 million square feet of completed building space. The majority of the buildings are used for office, research and development, marketing and distribution, or manufacturing uses. Approximately 50 acres of the original area are yet to be developed. Next paragraph: Data for this report came from a 2016 survey of over 5,000 Coconino Industrial Park employees; interviews with 15 C I P tenants and managers; the annual budget of the city of Flagstaff; county and state tax records; and current books, articles, journals, and online resources. Projections for future revenues resulted from analysis of past trends and Estimates of Revenues for Debt Service Coverage, Redevelopment Project Area 2, Miller, 2016, page 79. Comment: Provides specifics for data sources. The next section is centered and titled in bold block letters, Discussion: revenues, employment, and indirect benefits. Comment: Uses combination heads. Continued: The results of this research indicate that major direct and indirect benefits have accrued to the city of Flagstaff and surrounding metropolitan areas as a result of the development of Coconino Industrial Park. The research findings presented here fall into three categories: a: revenues, b; employment, and c: indirect benefits. Comment: Previews organization of report. The next section is centered and titled in bold, Revenues. Coconino Industrial Park contributes a variety of tax and other revenues to the city of Flagstaff, as summarized in Figure 1. Current revenues are shown, along with projections to the year 2025. At a time when the economy is unstable, revenues from an industrial park such as Coconino can become a reliable income stream for the city of Flagstaff. Figure 1 is written at the center following a gap of a line. Comment: Places figure close to textual reference. The next section is centered and titled in bold block letters, Revenues Received By The City Of Flagstaff From Coconino Industrial Park. The sub-heading, also centered: Current Revenues and Projections to 2025. A computation follows with three columns: an itemized list, 2016, and 2025. The entries are as follows. Sales and use taxes: 2016, 1,966,021 dollars. 2025, 3,604,500 dollars. Revenues from licenses: 2016, 532,802. 2025, 962,410. Franchise taxes: 2016, 195,682. 2025, 220,424. State gas tax receipts: 2016, 159,420. 2025, 211,134. Licenses and permits: 2016, 86,213. 2025, 201,413. Other revenues: 2016, 75,180. 2025, 206,020. Total: 2016, 3,015,318 dollars. 2025, 5,405,901 dollars. Bottom center: Number 2. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. The next section is titled in bold, Sales and Use Revenues. As shown in Figure 1, the city’s largest source of revenues from C I P is the sales and use tax. Revenues from this source totaled 1,966,021 dollars in 2016, according to figures provided by the Arizona State Board of Equalization, 2017, page 28. Sales and use taxes accounted for more than half of the park’s total contribution to the total income of 3,015,318 dollars. Comment: Continues interpreting figures in table. The next section is titled in bold, Other Revenues. Other major sources of city revenues from C I P in 2016 include alcohol licenses, motor vehicle in lieu fees, trailer coach licenses 532,802 dollars, franchise taxes 195,682 dollars, and state gas tax receipts 159,420 dollars. Although not shown in Figure 1, other revenues may be expected from the development of recently acquired property. The U S Economic Development Administration has approved a grant worth 975,000 dollars to assist in expanding the current park eastward on an undeveloped parcel purchased last year. Revenues from leasing this property may be sizable. The next section is titled in bold, Projections Total city revenues from C I P will nearly double by 2025, producing an income of 5.4 million dollars. This estimate is based on an annual growth rate of 0.65 percent, as projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Comment: Includes ample description of electronic reference. The next section is centered and titled in bold, Employment. One of the most important factors to consider in the overall effect of an industrial park is employment. In Coconino Industrial Park the distribution, number, and wages of people employed will change considerably in the next six years. Comment: Sets stage for next topic to be discussed. The next section is titled in bold, Distribution. A total of 7,035 employees currently work in various industry groups at Coconino Industrial Park. The distribution of employees is shown in Figure 2. The largest number of workers, 58 percent, is employed in manufacturing and assembly operations. The next largest category, computer and electronics, employs 24 percent of the workers. Some overlap probably exists because electronics assembly could be included in either group. Employees also work in publishing, 9 percent, warehousing and storage, 5 percent, and other industries, 4 percent. Next paragraph: Although the distribution of employees at Coconino Industrial Park shows a wide range of employment categories, it must be noted that other industrial parks would likely generate an entirely different range of job categories. Bottom center: Number 3. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. The next section is centered and titled Figure 2, followed by the title in block letters: Employment Distribution Of Industry Groups. A pie chart contains the following. Other, 4 percent. Warehousing and storage, 5 percent. Publishing, 9 percent. Computer and electronics, 24 percent. Manufacturing and assembly, 58 percent. Comment: Pie chart shows proportion of a whole and includes percentage figures for clarity. The next section is titled in bold, Wages. In 2016 employees at C I P earned a total of 398 million dollars in wages, as shown in Figure 3. The average employee in that year earned 56,579 dollars. The highest average wages were paid to employees in white-collar fields, such as computer and electronics, 65,200 dollars and publishing, 61,100 dollars. Average wages for workers in blue-collar fields ranged from 48,500 dollars in warehousing and storage to 53,400 dollars in manufacturing and assembly. Comment: Places figure close to textual reference. The next section is centered and titled Figure 3, followed by the title in block letters: Average Annual Wages By Industry Groups, Coconino Industrial Park, 2016. A computation in four columns: Industry Group, Employees, Annual Wages, Total. The entries are as follows. Row 1. Industry Group, Manufacturing and assembly: Employees, 4,073. Annual Wages, 53,400 dollars. Total, 217,498,200 dollars. Row 2. Industry Group, Computer and electronics: Employees, 1,657. Annual Wages, 65,200 dollars. Total, 108,036,400 dollars. Row 3. Industry Group, Publishing: Employees, 672. Annual Wages, 61,100 dollars. Total, 41,059,200 dollars. Row 4. Industry Group, Warehousing and storage: Employees, 370. Annual Wages, 48,500 dollars. Total, 17,945,000 dollars. Row 5. Industry Group, Other: Employees, 263. Annual Wages, 51,300 dollars. Total, 13,491,900dollars. Total employees, 7,035. Total: 398,030,700 dollars. Bottom center: Number 4. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report with A P A Citation Style, continued. The next section is titled in bold, Projections. By 2025 Coconino Industrial Park is expected to more than double its number of employees, bringing the total to over 15,000 workers. The total payroll in 2025 will also more than double, producing over 998 million dollars using constant 2016 dollars in salaries to C I P employees. These projections are based on a 9 percent growth rate Miller, 2016, page 78, along with anticipated increased employment as the park reaches its capacity. Comment: Clarifies information and tells what it means in relation to original research questions. Next paragraph: Future development in the park will influence employment and payrolls. One C I P project manager stated in an interview that much of the remaining 50 acres is planned for medium-rise office buildings, garden offices, and other structures for commercial, professional, and personal services, I M Novak, personal communication, November 30, 2016. Average wages for employees are expected to increase because of an anticipated shift to higher-paying white-collar jobs. Industrial parks often follow a similar pattern of evolution Badri, Rivera, and Kusak, 2014, page 41. Like many industrial parks, C I P evolved from a warehousing center into a manufacturing complex. The next section is centered and titled in bold, block letters, Conclusions and Recommendations. Comment: Combines conclusions and recommendations. Continued: Analysis of tax revenues, employment data, personal interviews, and professional literature leads to the following conclusions and recommendations about the economic impact of Coconino Industrial Park on the city of Flagstaff: 1. Sales tax and other revenues produced over 3 million dollars in income to the city of Flagstaff in 2016. By 2025 sales tax and other revenues are expected to produce 5.4 dollars million in city income. 2. C I P currently employs 7,035 employees, the majority of whom are working in manufacturing and assembly. The average employee in 2016 earned 56,579 dollars. 3. By 2025 C I P is expected to employ more than 15,000 workers producing a total payroll of over 998 million dollars. 4. Employment trends indicate that by 2025 more C I P employees will be engaged in higher-paying white-collar positions. Comment: Uses a numbered list for clarity and ease of reading. Next paragraph: On the basis of these findings, we recommend that the City Council of Flagstaff authorize the development of additional industrial parks to stimulate local economic growth. The direct and indirect benefits of Coconino Industrial Park strongly suggest that future commercial development would have a positive impact on the Flagstaff community and the surrounding region as population growth and resulting greater purchasing power would trigger higher demand. Conclusion: As the Coconino example shows, gains in tax revenue, job creation, and other direct and indirect benefits would follow the creation of additional industrial parks in and around Flagstaff. Bottom center: Number 5. Enlarge Image

A Model Formal Report With A P A Citation Style, continued. The final section references, titled in bold block letters and centered. Comment: Arranges references in alphabetical order. Arizona State Board of Equalization Bulletin period left parenthesis 2017 right parenthesis period Phoenix colon State Printing Office comma 26 dash 29. Comment: Brochure. Badri comma J period comma Rivera comma H period comma and Kusak comma M period left parenthesis 2014 right parenthesis period A comparison of sustainability and economic development in urban industrial parks period Journal of Industrial Ecology comma 24 left parenthesis 4 right parenthesis comma 233 dash 268 period d o i colon 10 dot 1078 forward slash 0366 dash 6133 dot 25 dot 335. Comment: Journal with d o i. Cohen comma A period P period left parenthesis 2017 comma December 14 right parenthesis period Industrial parks invade suburbia period The New York Times comma p period C1. Comment: Newspaper article. Fighting poverty and protecting the environment colon Development of a sustainable technologies industrial park period left parenthesis n period d period right parenthesis period Retrieved from http colon forward slash forward slash w w w dot smart communities dot n c a t dot org forward slash success forward slash northam dot s h t m l. Comment: Website without author or date. Miller comma A period M period left parenthesis 2016 right parenthesis period Redevelopment projects colon Future prospects period New York colon Rincon Press. Comment: Book. Pearson comma S period left parenthesis 2016 comma June 30 right parenthesis period Travel to work characteristics for the 50 largest metropolitan areas by population in the United States period The Wall Street Journal period Retrieved from http colon forward slash forward slash w w w dot w s j dot com forward slash article 160630. Comment: Online Newspaper article. U period S period Department of Labor comma Bureau of Labor Statistics period left parenthesis 2017 right parenthesis period Overview of the 2015 dash 2020 Projections period Retrieved from h t t p colon forward slash forward slash w w w dot b l s dot gov forward slash ooh forward slash About forward slash Projections dash Overview dot h t m. Comment: Online government publication. Comment: Follows American Psychological Association documentation style.

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