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HIST SNHU American Military Experience During World War II Essay

HIST SNHU American Military Experience During World War II Essay

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Assignment Content

  1. World War II left no country untouched. The fighting left whole continents battered and devastated. Cities were flattened, and hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes. Some 49 million people died in World War II, including 400,000 American soldiers. Another 11 million, including 6 million Jews, were killed in German concentration camps. Battles took place in nearly every corner of the globe. Soldiers fought on beaches, in jungles, and along rivers, and campaigns for dominance stretched across the globe, with eventual victory by the Allies.

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that provides a comprehensive view of the American military experience during World War II. The paper must contain the following two sections:Part 1 – American Homefront Experience:

    • Identify the causes for American involvement in the war.
    • Information to consider including:
    • The economic characteristics, such as tax policies, industrial production, employment, and manufacturing
    • The political characteristics, such as the evolution of America from isolationism to limited support to full engagement in the war, and how the branches of government worked together to form a cohesive war strategy
    • The social characteristics, such as opportunities for women and minorities, internment of Japanese Americans, demographic shifts, leisure activities, and others

    Parts 2 – Discussion on Specific American Military Campaigns (additional details below)

    • Select 1 of the below campaigns and present an analysis of the major military campaigns of the war. Include at least 2 to 3 of the related subtopics (the bullet points under each Campaign), and discuss the results of the campaign, and overall success for the Allies. Emphasize the American position in each campaign.
    • Your objective is to summarize the major moments and outcomes of the Campaign you select. You do NOT need to cover all of the subtopics/bullet points, but do need to summarize the Campaign.
    1. North African Campaign
    2. Italian Campaign
    3. Normandy Campaign
    4. Liberation of Paris
    5. War in the Pacific
    • North African Campaign
    • Objectives
    • Operation Torch
    • Vichy position
    • Rommel and Von Amim in North Africa
    • Patton and Bradley in North Africa
    • Rommel withdraws from El Agheila
    • Battle of El Guettar
    • Results
    • Italian Campaign
    • Objectives
    • Casablanca Conference
    • Operation Husky
    • Fall of Messina
    • Naples
    • Landing at Anzio
    • Fall of Rome
    • Mussolini’s surrender
    • Results
    • Normandy Campaign
    • Objectives
    • Why Normandy beaches?
    • Plan
    • German Defense
    • D-Day
    • Airborne Assault
    • Results
    • Liberation of Paris
    • Operation Market Garden
    • Battle of the Bulge
    • Yalta
    • Dresden fire bombings
    • Roosevelt dies
    • Hitler commits suicide
    • Unconditional surrender
    • War in the Pacific
    • Objectives
    • Chinese position
    • MacArthur and Nimitz
    • Island Hopping
    • Battle of Coral Sea
    • Battle of Midway
    • Guadalcanal
    • Battle of Leyte Gulf
    • Manila
    • Iwo Jima
    • Fire raids on Tokyo
    • Battle of Okinawa
    • Japan invasion
    • Atomic Bomb

    Include detailed content, quotes, or statistics as appropriate.
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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