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Ferris State University Migration and Archeology Responses Discussion

Ferris State University Migration and Archeology Responses Discussion

Question Description

Hello, Please create a response for each student post below: (50 words each)


I don’t think about it much, but migration contributes to my life in many ways. Some of the ways migration contributes would be through the clothes I wear, the foods I eat, or even some of the services that I am provided with. An example of this was one time when my parents had to get our roof repaired after there was a big storm that damaged our roof. The company that we hired to repair the roof had migrant workers to do the manual labor of replacing the shingles on the roof. Without these labor immigrants there would probably not be as many roof repair companies out there due to the struggle to find labor. Roof repair is extremely hard labor that most people don’t want to have to do and for labor immigrants to be willing to work in these positions is a huge contribution to the manual labor force that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Another example of immigration contributing to my life would be through sports entertainment. A lot of athletes in professional sports actually are born in other countries and migrate to the United States for better success with their athletic career. One of my favorite basketball players name Giannis Antetokounmpo is originally from Greece and is now in Milwaukee playing professional basketball for the bucks. After looking at migration as an anthropologist view I realized that migration is just a way people move from different countries looking for a better way of life with more opportunities. Without migration we wouldn’t nearly be as diverse or benefit from the different things that migration has to offer.


Human migration can be seen to affect many people’s lives in drastic ways. Reflecting on my own family’s migration story makes me think about how certain members like my parents may have never met without migration, and how different our circumstances would have turned out if this was the case. My Mom moved to Canada from Zimbabwe when she was about 17, with her immediate family leaving all they had created behind. With our studying of an anthropological perspective on migration, it makes me think about the specific type of immigrants my mom’s family would be considered due to their reasoning for moving. I believe they would be considered entrepreneurial immigrants. From the perspective of pushes and pulls, my family moved to choose better schooling and a better opportunity to start a business. I never would have thought so deeply about the effects of my family’s migration such as the possibilities of my parents not meeting if it weren’t for this class pushing me to do so, expanding my view on the topic. It also makes me reflect on those outside of my family and their experiences with migration as well. There are so many reasons for people to migrate and without their choices to do so, the United States and many other countries would not be what they are today, and many people need to acknowledge that. I would not have discovered many of the cultural things I have discovered if it weren’t for globalization and its effect on migration, which I am grateful for as I now can see, feel, and taste the world around me so close to home.

Ali A:

  1. The most unexpected thing that I have learned in this class is how archeology has a significant impact on the world. I used to think that archaeology impact was small, and it was like a hobby or a job that is not important. Now, I value the importance of archaeology and history.
  2. I want to learn more about the history of archaeology and their development of the archology tools or techniques or ideas and ways of thinking that lead to what we can learn now.
  3. As an international student, I always struggled with writing since English is not my first language. So I feel like I am weaker than my classmate. The way they ask questions and answers. It is just above my level


Something unexpected that I have learned about archaeology so far was about the space archaeology video. I had no idea this was even a field prior to this class. I have always thought about where astronauts put their trash when they are in space and I really would not have guessed it would be.. space! That seems kind of unethical to do since it is disrespecting the universe. Kind of ironic how humans use to dump their trash around Earth and now they’re doing it in space!

I want to learn more about the discoveries in archaeology. What was the most interesting, hardest, oldest, etc. discovery? I would love to learn more about the individual discoveries in the field, but so far learning about the background of the field of Anthropology and the history of it all is pretty cool!

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