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Dallas College Food Wastage and Social Marketing Research Paper

Dallas College Food Wastage and Social Marketing Research Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

– TITLE : reasearched position ( just pick any position that we can argue about )

– 8- 10 pages long

– avoid plagiarism

– double spaced

– 1. You should first choose a publication venue for your paper. For exam- ple, will you write a letter directly to an individual, group, or organiza- tion? or will you write an article for a newspaper, newsletter, or periodical? Perhaps a piece for a Web site, Web-based publication, or social media site? to ensure that you select a specific enough audi- ence, make sure your venue has an address (physical or electronic) to which you could send your paper. then, investigate the characteris- tics and values of the readers you will reach through this venue.

– once you’ve settled on an audience, construct a claim that advances the conversation about your issue and turns it in a new direction. You might disagree with a claim made by an author (They Say/I Say)

attach as many reasons as are necessary to fully support your claim. Your claim plus reasons, also known as “enthymemes”

– For each separate enthymeme in your thesis, identify the implicit warrant and determine whether it represents an assumption that your audience shares with you. If so, there’s no need to address the warrant explicitly in your argument. If the warrant represents an assumption some readers might resist, however, consider how you might persuade them to accept it. If you think it would be impossible to persuade your audience to accept the warrant, then you might consider changing the reason to produce a warrant that relies on an assumption that you and your readers share. Please note that each reason in your thesis will produce a different warrant, and you must assess the audience’s response to each one.

– For each of your reasons (and any warrant that needs explicit sup- port), provide sufficient evidence to convince your audience that your reasons are true statements. Your personal experiences, observations, and reasoning count as evidence, but you should also draw exten- sively on outside sources for evidence to support your reasons.

-Make sure you anticipate objections to your argument by planting at least one naysayer in your paper. this naysayer might be hypothetical or might be the actual author of an outside source. to engage effec- tively with a naysayer

– the previous six steps will help you construct effective logos appeals. You should also make effective ethos appeals to come across to readers as a person of good character, good sense, and goodwill. to

make effective ethos appeals, make sure you:

? know what you’re talking about. Draw on all those outside sources you’ve been reading over the course of the semester, and provide ample evidence for your reasons.

? show regard for your readers. try to come across as approachable and thoughtful, not arrogant or insensitive.

? are careful and meticulous in your writing, not sloppy or disorganized.

8. Finally, make pathos appeals to readers by connecting with their emotions, values, and imaginations. to make effective pathos appeals, make sure you:

? choose an appropriate style based on the conventions of your publi- cation venue.

? evoke emotions (sympathy, outrage, anger, delight, awe, horror, and so on ) in your readers that make your paper more moving.

? evoke sensations (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling) in your audience that make your writing vivid and help readers experience things imaginatively.

? appeal to values (freedom, justice, tolerance, fairness, equality, and so on) that your readers and you share.

Evidence For each of the writer’s supporting reasons, he/she should provide sufficient evidence (in the form of personal experiences, observations, reasoning, and/or information from outside sources) to persuade his/her intended audience of the truth of those reasons.

At some point the writer should (1) name and describe an opponent, (2) describe that opponent’s argument fairly, (3) identify any areas of agreement, and (4) respond with a rebuttal.

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