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CMPSC 221 Penn State University Room Scheduling Application Lab Report

CMPSC 221 Penn State University Room Scheduling Application Lab Report

Question Description

I’m working on a java project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Final Project Test Script

This is a scenario that you can use to test your final project. It is not an exhaustive test, but tests almost all of the conditions your program should handle.

When you submit your final project, all the tables in the database should be empty. This scenario assumes that is the case.

The faculty names will be a, b, c, d, etc. to simplify input and this script.
The dates will be real dates but will be represented in this script by the symbolic names date1 and date2.


-Add faculty a

  • displays faculty added for each add.

-Add faculty b

-Add faculty c

-Add faculty d

-Add faculty e

-Add faculty f

-Add faculty g

-Add room 101, 60 seats

-Add room 102, 40 seats

-Add room 201, 20 seats

-Add date, any date, will be referred to as date1

-Add date, any other date, will be referred to as date2.

-reserve a date1 20 seats

  • a gets room 201

-reserve b date1 50 seats

  • b gets room 101

-reserve c date1 30 seats

  • c gets room 102

-reserve d date1 20 seats

  • d gets waitlisted

-reserve e date2 100 seats

  • e gets waitlisted

-cancel a date1

  • a date1 gets cancelled
  • d gets room 201 reserved

-Status date1

  • shows b in 101
  • shows c in 102
  • shows d in 201

-Status Waitlist

  • Shows e for date2 100 seats

-reserve f date1 20 seats

  • f gets waitlisted

-Status Waitlist

  • shows e for date2 100 seats
  • shows f for date1 20 seats

-add room 202 100 seats

  • room 202 gets added
  • f reserves 202 for date1
  • e reserves 202 for date2

-Status Waitlist

  • waitlist is empty

-Status date1

  • b in room 101
  • c in room 102
  • d in room 201
  • f in room 202

-reserve g date2 200 seats

  • g gets waitlisted

-Cancel g date2

  • g gets cancelled from waitlist

-reserve f date2 20 seats

  • f reserves room 201

-Drop room 201

  • d date1 is moved to waitlist
  • f date2 is moved to waitlist
  • f reserves room 102 on date2 from waitlist

-Status waitlist

  • shows d for date1 20 seats

-Status date1

  • shows b in room 101
  • shows c in room 102
  • shows f in room 202

-Status date2

  • shows e in room 202
  • shows f in room 102

-Status faculty f

  • shows room 202 for date1
  • shows room 102 for date2

General conditions of testing:

  • the results of any action are displayed to the user immediately after the action is performed without the user needing to check Status.
  • All affected combo boxes are updated immediately after each action is performed.

I will provide the code that I already made for the initial phase of the project but I need help with the final phase of the project which is based off the initial phase. I will provide the rubric, instructions and additional material to help solve this assignment. Please check the final project grading rubric to know what to satisfy and name the code file RoomSchedulervas5260 and the database folder RoomSchedulerDBvas5260 (similar to the initial phase compressed zip folder I provided which has the code I used for the initial phase and the database folder I used for the initial phase). I need this done in java and thanks in advance!

Also there are a few videos and materials I haven’t uploaded because I am unsure if you will need them but if you need any help you can just ask if I have any materials for whatever area you need help with and If there are materials to help you out I will upload them thanks. I may have to email it to you if there are too big.

PS. Its up to you if you want to use my initial phase and do the final phase, or do both. And I stored the database file in a folder called Derby Databases and you will need to use my PSU id to name the files for the project which I mentioned above as well.

The videos I provided is to help you finish the project because the final phase which is what I need is based off the initial phase, if the video mentions about programming assignment 6, that is for the initial phase by the way. So some videos and materials are used to finish the initial phase (programming assignment 6) and then there are some more videos and materials to finish the final phase.

The folder that contains my code and database folders for the initial phase I’ve uploaded already. Name of the compressed folder is roomschedulervas5260__database_and_code_for_initial_phase. I put the database folder and the code folder in one compressed zip folder

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