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BE 275 University of Essex Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Report

BE 275 University of Essex Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Report

Question Description

BE275 Global Supply Chain and Operations Managment

1.Coursework: An Individual Report (100 % of the total mark).

You are expected to write a report of 2,000 words (including Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion; excluding Executive summary, the Tables, the Figures, the Bibliography and Appendices) on the Topic identified in Section 2, which will assess the knowledge gained throughout the autumn term.


You are required to prepare a report, which will focus on analysis and discussion of challenges in the relations between circular economy and supply chain.


Circular economy stimulates a significant growth for supply chain organizations due to the consciousness on the environment, energy conservation and the global competitive atmosphere. Due to these factors, it is not only a single organization’s responsibility but also the responsibility of all the stakeholders in the supply chain. Rapid change in climate, pollution and customer expectations sum up the performance of sustainability of an organization.

Circular economy primarily focuses on utilizing resources, conserving energy and managing physical flow of goods in supply chain systems effectively among the stakeholders. A concept that helps supply chain in the path of circular economy is industrial symbiosis with an intention to extract the maximum benefits of resources, products, energy consumption and synergize it to attain more sustainability across the supply chain.

In this context, Manavalann and Jayakrishna. (2019) point out that Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) redefines the operational efficiency and can create a trend in the future strategic growth of the organization. Discovering new paths to support SSCM for circular economy becomes vital if the limits of sustainability are to be expanded.

Some reflexion questions:

•How circular economy can be influenced in supply chain by recycling the industrial of product that can improve the sustainability of the organization?

•How to transform linear economy into circular economy to reduce the production wastages and reuse by-products as much as possible?

•How to recover the generated energy and optimize the utilization of available resources?

•How technology can help supply chain network to be more sustainable in terms of social accountability, environmental awareness and economic practices?

3. Report Guidelines

3.1 Report Format

  • Main contents: typed in Times New Roman, 12 Font, 1.5 line spacing
  • Main heading: 14 Font, Bold; Sub-heading: 12 Font, Bold
  • Numbering of headings and sub-headings where appropriate (e.g., 1…1.1…1.1.1…)
  • Use diagrams and tables where appropriate
  • You can use bullet points in some, but not all, instances

3.2. Report Structure

  • Title page – (1) The title of the coursework must outline the project (for example, the title including the name of the firm), (2) module name/number (i.e. BE275),

Executive summary – Previews the main points from each section of the report and this should be no more than 1 page in length. (You can use bullet points to present the summary)

Table of contents – Includes all section headings with corresponding page numbers

  • List of figures – This includes titles of all figures presented in the report with corresponding page numbers
  • List of tables – This includes titles of all tables presented in the report with corresponding page numbers
  • Introduction – This is about what the report is for (i.e. purpose); for whom it is written (i.e. situation); and what are its main contents.
  • Main body – This will include detailed answers for the problem identification. Embed the literature review, or theoretical concepts, approaches and issues in the overall analysis presented in the report.
  • Conclusions and recommendations – Summarise the main points of your analysis and discuss the recommendations.
  • References – Use the appropriate sources for referencing (APA; Harvard,…).
  • Appendices – If it is necessary, the secondary information table or summary can be presented as an appendix.

3.3 Using Reference Material for the Theoretical Background:

  • The report MUST use a minimum of 5 academic journal articles in developing the theoretical concepts. These journal articles can be either from the list of articles recommended in the essential reading books for lecture topics, or the student can use other journal articles too.

Suggested Journal Lists

Journal of Operations Management

Business Strategy and the environment.

Ecological Economics.

Journal Cleaner Production

International Journal of Operations and Production Management

Production and Operations Management

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Production Planning and Control

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

Environmental Science and Policy

Environmental Science and Technology

Global Environmental Change

Journal of Environmental Management

  • In addition, the report should show evidence of an extensive use of other well established and reputable literature sources such as books, other journal articles or other sources of information from the business newspapers and magazines.

4. Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

§Develop a critical understanding of the supply chain and sustainability supply chain (A9,A10,B1,B2,B4,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D5)

§Explore the role and nature of the relation between environment, circular economy and supply chain (A9, A10, B1,B2,B4,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D5)

§Become aware of the social dimensions of supply chain and the sustainability in reference to the stakeholders (A9,A10,B1,B2,B4,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D5)

§Appreciate the impact of supply chain in the sustainability production systems (A9, A10, B1,B2,B4,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D5)

§Understand to integrate theories and concepts of supply chain and their implications for green product (A9, A10,B1,B2,B4,C2,C3,C4,C5,D1,D2,D5).

[1] Adapted from Manavalan, E., & Jayakrishna, K. (2019). An analysis on sustainable supply chain for circular economy. Procedia Manufacturing, 33, 477-484.

This essay’s structure please follow the sample which I give to you. Part of Reference need use Harvard style and more than 20.Thanks.

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