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UBC How Safe Is Your Work Environment Discussion Post Replies

UBC How Safe Is Your Work Environment Discussion Post Replies

Question Description

1.Hi Numan,

I agree with you, when you say “employees also have a role to play by following the organizations’ required safety protocol”. I have witness this at my work place, there are a couple of employees who do not like to sanitize their desks and they do not wear their masks when walking around the building, even though it’s mandatory. It’s very unfortunate, as some people do not take COVID-19 seriously, and they see the precautions as an inconvenience to their day to day.

I can relate when you mention, that customers can be aggressive and violent. At my workplace, we have a policy, if you are being abusive, you will be asked to leave the store by the manager. My workplace takes great pride in looking after the well being of their employees.

Does your workplace have a limit of people to enter the building, and do you have anyone to keep track? If not, has you company thought about giving this responsibility to someone to ensure the safety of their employees and co workers? Also, if you have not already I would suggest to speak to upper management about creating COVID-19 policies.


Thanks for sharing your ideas about health and safety. You have mentioned some very interesting points, especially the effect that accidents have on the family. It can even be said that sometimes the psychological effects of accidents are more than their physical effects. Generally, this group of people face more issues that cause aggression and anger in the family. These behaviours also affect their children and sometimes show it in school with other children. The scope of the effects of a tragic accident at work is certainly much wider than can be controlled by just one person or organization. To control its emotional and social burden, the attention of everyone around them is needed. Also in the corona era, some people are mentally disturbed and sometimes exhibit strange behaviours that are worrying for store employees who, in addition to worrying about getting sick, should also be concerned about possible conflicts.

3.Hi everyone

I currently work for Homesense, a chain of TJX stores. The company pays great attention to maintaining the health and safety of employees and customers, and in addition to basic training at the time of employment, reviews and updates them monthly on a case-by-case basis. All managers and supervisors pay close attention to this issue and if they see a small issue immediately fixing it then they share it in the morning session with other associates and supervisors to avoid happening again.
from my point of view, the health and safety of employees, physically or mentally, play a significant role in their effective performance and influence the trust of customers and companies’ market.

Like all other stores, incidents caused by improper use of equipment such as jack pallets, cutters, ladders, electric wrenches or non-observance of weight and type of goods on the shelves or the risk of lifting and carrying heavy products such as furniture or breaking porcelains, crystals and decorative items in the store such as photo frames, paintings arts and mirrors are there due to the customer or employees. To date, nothing that has bothered me has happened, and the only thing that sometimes occupies my mind these days is the circumstances created by Covid-19. All employees must wear masks and gloves. It is also mandatory for store customers to wear face masks. To that end, a new job description has been added to the shifts, called Greater whose job is to count the number of people in the store at a single time so that it does not exceed the approved standard number. Also, offer hand synthesizers to customers and provide them face masks if they do not have. It sounds like a simple task, but for me, it’s a terrible boring task because, in addition to standing for hours, you have to face some strange customers who refuse to wear a mask and always have to worry about that customer’s reaction. For instance, that was a lady who refused to wear a mask, she slapped me on the shoulder while swearing at me. She had hot coffee that bought from a cafe close to the store in her hand and I was worried that she might throw it at me. It all happened in a matter of seconds and very quickly and she left the store. But this can happen anywhere these days because mentally exhausted people.



4.Hello everyone,

In my opinion, a company can endanger its employees, customers, and capital without appropriate workplace safety measures. The safety of the workplace is important because:

  • The workers’ lives can be changed permanently due to lack of training, lack of experience, negligence, etc.
  • It can prevent people’s death due to workplace accidents.
  • It can increase workers’ productivity.
  • It can prevent companies’ financial loss.
  • It can prevent equipment and property damage.

The Lost Youth video impressed me with the Statistics of injured people. I have never thought that the rate of inured people in the workplace is so high. Unfortunately, new and young workers are at higher risk of workplace injuries than other workers according to the video. The injured people always regret what they have lost. I think it can’t be compensated for any considerable amount of money paid to them.

Our company consisted of 3 parts: administrative offices, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. I worked in one of the administrative offices. It was completely safe against workplace harassment because everything was controlled by CCTV security cameras. In the case of workplace safety, there were some risks such as good posture while working with computers and using standard chairs to prevent serious spinal injuries. However, in our factories and warehouses, there were lots of workplace safety risks including not wearing helmets, using machines and equipment without considering their instructions, failure to observe speed limits by lift trucks, etc. Frankly speaking, there was always lots of training to prevent workplace injuries, but they were inevitable. I can remember in the last year of my work, one of the factories’ workers lost his leg because of an accident. Different types of cranes and their hooks can tolerate a fixed weight and workers should not load more than that fixed weight. Unfortunately, the factory’s workers lifted a mold with more weight and the hook broke and ……. The worker’s lifestyle was changed forever due to negligence.

Best Regards


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