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SOW 7406 Florida International Technology Addictions Among Adults Major Paper

SOW 7406 Florida International Technology Addictions Among Adults Major Paper

Question Description

Major paper:The concept is technology addictions among adults (Internet addiction and Internet gaming addiction)

The purpose of this assignment: to deepen your understanding of the origins, meanings, and uses of the concept that seem specifically relevant to your research interests now. The spirit of the assignment: critical inquiry, library research, precise documentation. It involves substantial preparation. Also, you will research the history, changing meanings, and applications of the concept, within and outside social work, using a variety of sources.

It’s expected that your assignment will exceed 15-20 pages. Material may be presented any way you choose, as long as sources are cited in consistently in APA style (Publications Manual, 6th edition, 2009).

You’re expected to:

  • 1- Identify who may have first used or invented the concept, for what specific purpose or in what context.
  • 2- Identify at least two other concepts closely related, or previously or concurrently used to refer to the concept, and distinguish them from your concept.
  • 3- Identify one or more noticeable changes in the meaning of the concept over time.
  • 4- Cite three discussions of the concept found in three different encyclopedias and compare and contrast these discussions.
  • 5- Cite two English-language books that you believe provide a comprehensive discussion of the concept and say why.
  • 6- Cite one published book review for each book in point 5 and briefly critique each review. (This implies that you will have obtained and reviewed the books from point 5 and the reviews of these books).
  • 7- Cite at least two references to social work journal articles where the concept was used during the last five years, and compare and contrast these two uses.
  • 8- Cite at least four references to social science and health sciences journal articles (in at least two disciplines other than social work) where the concept was used in the last five years, and compare and contrast these uses.
  • 9-Cite at least four references to popular literature (newspaper & magazine articles) where the concept was discussed in the last three years, and compare and contrast these uses.
  • 10- Describe three operational uses of this concept (e.g., rating scales, questionnaires, instruments, measures) and compare and contrast these uses.
  • 11- Identify two researchers who have used the concept in their work, where they are currently located (institution, email address), and identify two personal characteristics (e.g. education, organizational affiliation) that these researchers have in common (besides their use of the concept and that they are researchers).
  • 12- Identify and briefly describe two ongoing research projects using the concept, including researcher and sponsor.
  • 13- Identify and briefly describe a private foundation that funds research or other activities specifically using this concept.
  • 14- Identify and describe a law, bill, or legal statute that applies, uses or refers to the concept, and state precisely how it does so.
  • 15- Identify and describe a court decision (from any judicial court) that applies, uses or refers to the concept, and how it does so.
  • 16- Identify and discuss an ethical or moral issue that arises in research precisely because of using this concept.
  • 17- Identify and describe two interventions (at micro-, meso-, or macro-levels) that rest on or use or may be related to the concept and show how.
  • 18- Identify and describe two organizations whose purpose or functioning uses the concept and show how.
  • 19- Write, for a lay audience (e.g., junior high school students), a 500- to 600-word overview of the concept, its history and importance, and its uses in and outside of research.
  • 20- Discuss, as specifically as possible, how this concept could be used to plan for a future study of yours.

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