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PL 4S143 University of South Wales Psychological Response to Natural Disasters Paper

PL 4S143 University of South Wales Psychological Response to Natural Disasters Paper

Question Description

Assessment Task:

Case study. 3000 words. 50%

Pick one of the cases in the guidance below and devise a social psychology intervention toaddress the issue presented.

Assignment Guidelines:1.1. You need to pick one of the cases below and devise an intervention to address thisusing social psychology principles and research to help you.

The cases are as follows:

1) You have been asked by the manager of a local nursing home to find ways to improve thequality of life for the community of long-term residents in this home. She has heard thatincreasing group cohesion can help to improve well-being and quality of life and wouldlike to hear some suggestions as to how this might be implemented. Your task is to planan intervention which will improve the quality of the community, to justify your plan withreference to research and to indicate what well-being/quality of life benefits will resultfrom a stronger community.

2) You have been asked by the management of a residential refugee centre to help improvethe situation for those coming into the centre following a recent wave of migration froma neighbouring country. The management have noticed tension between the existingrefugee residents and the incoming residents and need to find ways of defusing thistension. Your task is to plan an intervention which will improve the relations between thetwo groups, to justify your plan with reference to research and to explain how tomaintain good intergroup relations once the intervention period is over.

3) You are assisting a local community who have recently been displaced following anenvironmental disaster. Community leaders have noticed an increase in mental healthissues, a decrease in general well-being and a disruption in community cohesion followingthis displacement. Your task is to plan an intervention which will help to bring thecommunity back together and help them to cope and move forward from this difficultsituation. You should justify your plan with reference to research on social,environmental and health psychology (if appropriate).

This assessment is a case study assignment which means that we are looking for you to developa plan which relates to the case under consideration and support it with reference toappropriate academic literature. You need therefore to take research which has been appliedto other contexts and generalise it to this new one. You also need to predict what theoutcomes will be and how you will both ensure and measure success.

Each case is quite general and so there is scope for you to place each in context, according toyour own experience and interest. For example you could specify the age range and healthissues of the residents in case 1, decide on which refugee groups are in conflict in case 2 ordecide what type of disaster and what size community in case 3. If you are planning to do this,you need to ensure that you do not contradict the information given. Additionally you willneed to justify these choices and will need to ensure that your argument and research can beapplicable to this more specific context.

1.2. Key Points Required for this Assessment

Key Point 1: Clarity & ConsistencyA clear and consistent argument needs to be maintained throughout this assignment. Itshould be evident to the reader how the different points link to your recommendationsand how the evidence clearly supports the recommendations. You also have a certainamount of freedom about how you present your assignment; better answers will use aformat that allows for the clearest and most persuasive account of your argument toyour audience.

Key Point 2: Awareness of Your AudienceAs this is a case study, all assignment titles have a “practice” element to them.However, they also have an intended audience (e.g. the nursing home manager, theresidents, the centre management, the two refugee groups, the community leaders, thedisplaced community members). You need to consider who the audience is, what theirexpectations are and how your answer addresses those expectations. Better answerswill link to these potential expectations in the recommendations, evidence or structureof the answer.

Key Point 3: Critical EvaluationAs well as presenting a coherent argument, your assignment should include someanalysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the research evidence which links to this.Better answers will also resolve contradictions in the research evidence and present aclear synthesis based on valid information.

Key Point 4: OriginalityAs this is a Level 7 assignment, your essay should show an original or novel contributionto knowledge. This can be through suggesting a better way to apply an approach to aproblem, generating some points of critical evaluation that have not been presented byothers or combining research/ideas in a novel way. Better answers will suggest waysthat these original conclusions could be tested/verified by further investigation.

Key Point 5: Use of EvidenceIt is important that you are using evidence which is from appropriate sources – with astrong balance towards peer reviewed journal articles. You need to present boththeory and empirical research. All research must be relevant to support your argumentbut better answers will include research which is more current or contemporary tosupport the points.

1.3 Assessment StructureAs this is a 3000 word assignment, we would suggest the following split of content:

– Introduction and analysis of the problem – 300 words

– Explanation of the intervention/plan; including details/elements and implementation –600 words

– Justification of the elements of the plan from literature – 1400 words

– Any practical or ethical issues associated with your plan and how you intend to addressthem – 300 words

– How you will measure/assess success – 200 words

– Conclusion – 200 words

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