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Onondaga Community College Death Penalty and Race Paper

Onondaga Community College Death Penalty and Race Paper

Question Description

Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) Assignment

  • To successfully complete this assignment students must conduct college level research that demonstrates:
  • This is a cumulative assignment and should reflect a depth of knowledge from the entire course and should not be limited to only what we have covered in class.
  • You can and should use your notes, previous research and course lectures as a starting point.
  • College level, reliable, credible sources are the standard
  • You should start with a thesis or research question and clearly identify the issue, analyze the available source material and arrive at an answer / conclusion to your research question.
  • A comprehensive understanding of information literacy, and
  • Exhibit critical thinking skills in writing by completing an 5-7 page paper focused on some aspect of capital punishment

Summary Requirements:

  1. Choose a research topic that is directly connected to capital punishment.
  2. Develop a clear thesis or research question about your topic.(What is it you will try to prove from your research)
  3. Write a 5-7 page paper discussing your research question and arriving at a conclusion based on the research you reviewed.
  4. Review and proofread for your paper for the required elements (see guidelines for research paper listed below).
  5. You must support your research using at least 8 different references.
  6. Each reference cited on the “works cited/references” page must be included in the essay using parenthetical documentation (in line/text citation)
  7. You must reach a conclusion based on your research, do not just present facts.
  1. Present / defend your research.

Topic Ideas:

Your research needs to be directly connected to capital punishment.Below are some suggestions to get you started.You are not limited to this list; however your topic must be approved if it is not on this list.

Effective as a crime deterrent

Types of crimes

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Not cruel and unusual punishment

Botched executions

Death penalty and race

Death penalty and politics

Death penalty and poverty

Cost analysis

Wrongful executions

Death penalty and the mentally Ill

Death penalty and Juveniles charged as adults


Research information:

  • You are being assessed on your ability to use and understand multiple and complex sources of information regarding your topic.You goal is to RESEARCH not just report, so it is strongly suggested to use a variety of source types…..Please look and think beyond page one of your information search.
  • You are required to use three “peer approved” journal articles as part of your required sources.
  • Below are several suggestions to help you get started:

Coulter Library –

OWL – Purdue Library APA citation –

Due Date:

Essay Due On: 1/9/17 by the end of the day (submit on blackboard’s SafeAssign)

  • Do not submit an essay that you have not checked or proofread.
  • Do not plagiarize your essay. You will be held accountable to the academic integrity policy located in you syllabus and in the student code of conduct (SafeAssign)

Essay Format Guidelines for Final Project

  • This is a formal paper (essay). References and cover pages are NOT in the total count.
  • Papers will NOT be graded without a APA formatted Reference Page.
  • Minimum 5 pages & 8 references (3 must be peer review journal articles).
  • #12, Arial or New Times Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margin top and sides.
  • You can use graphs and/or charts embedded in the text but they cannot be more than 2”x2” unless unreadable and must have a source, a title, and a reference made to them in the narrative.
  • Cover page should be plain….only include the topic, your name, and the date you submitted the work.
  • No header is required for each page.
  • Include a paragraph near the beginning of the essay that defines your topic and explains why this research has value!
  • All sources listed on the references page must be used in the essay and documented in the essay using parenthetical documentation (Last name of author, year of publication).
  • Insert page numbers.
  • Do not use any information you do not understand!
  • Everything in your essay should be directed toward answering your research question.
  • About halfway through your essay, restate the purpose for your research.
  • Remember this IS RESEARCH not reporting – analyze, synthesize, THINK. ?
  • Include a paragraph at or near the end of the essay that starts with “This research has proven”…
  • Proofread your essay, out loud, before turning it in. Watch for grammar and spelling mistakes

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