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NYU African American Art Freedom Fighter by Calvin Burnett Essay

NYU African American Art Freedom Fighter by Calvin Burnett Essay

Question Description

Art Analysis Paper

This assignment has multiple components. You have already completed the first part – the Art Analysis Worksheet.This paper is a continuation of an exercise that forces students to spend time with an art object, contemplate it on its own accord, then move forward with research to create an analytical argument about the piece. Therefore, your paper should do three things – discuss the artwork on its own merit, discuss it within the social, cultural, political milieu in which it was produced, and discuss its impact on you.

Now that you have spent some time with the art object, you should conduct primary and secondary source research to help you gain better understanding of the piece. Return to your worksheet and go through it, attempting to answer any lingering questions through research.

Sample research questions (you are not limited to these, they are just examples): What does the title mean? Are there other artworks with the same title? Is it a common art subject? Is it a play on words? How was the piece made – what materials were involved in the production process? What kind of technical knowledge did the artist need to possess the piece?Who is the artist – what is his/her/their life story?Art training? Significant life events? How does the art world characterize the artist? What was life like for African Americans during the time that the art was produced? Etc.

When you have finished your research, go back and revisit your worksheet answers and thoughts.How has the research impacted your understanding of the piece? Do you appreciate or regard it in a different way?

You should use at least three sources including one of the assigned readings to help you in your analysis. The other sources should include at least one scholarly book or peer-reviewed journal article. Newspaper articles from reputable organizations are acceptable, after you have included a class reading and scholarly resource. You should not rely solely on information gleaned from miscellaneous webpages. To do so would be detrimental to your paper grade.

This assignment meets the Core Curriculum Arts and Humanities [AHp] requirements, and will be graded according to that criteria.The paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced 12-point font, and is due on Monday, October 26, 2020, before midnight, submitted to Canvas.

Goals of the Art Analysis Paper

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze art in itself, and in relation to specific histories, values, languages, cultures, and technologies
  • Develop a methodology for analyzing visual resources through a critical art history lens
  • Think about the way this artwork is used to convey a message or create meaning when it was produced
  • Raise further questions and topics of discussion concerning the artwork or artist

Helpful tips:

  • Develop a relevant title for your paper that reflects your themes and arguments.Do not just call it “Art Analysis.”
  • Use Chicago Style citations for this and all papers in this class.Artwork titles are italicized.
  • Use the present tense in describing the piece you have chosen
  • Be specific: don’t refer to a “picture” or “artwork” if “drawing” or “painting” or “photograph” or “print” is more exact
  • Remember that any information you use from another source must be documented with a footnote. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism

Concentrate on the paper’s organization. While you may introduce a diverse body of

material, the content should have a clearly defined scope and focus throughout. At the same

time, the paper should not merely restate the contents of existing studies, published or

otherwise. The paper must have an underlying thesis/argument to which all its content

contributes. Never let the reader lose sight of why you are discussing a given matter. The

paper should NOT regurgitate other texts, nor should it be primarily descriptive. All

descriptions, as well as factual material, should be introduced ONLY when they make broader

points that are clearly related to your thesis.

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