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NSG 4074 South University Advocating for The Vulnerable Population Response

NSG 4074 South University Advocating for The Vulnerable Population Response

Question Description

1. Advocating for the vulnerable population

  • In what ways would you choose to function as an advocate for the vulnerable population?

I would advocate for the vulnerable population by protecting their rights for instance when the homeless line up to get their flu shots and some change their mind to not getting the flu vaccine, I will respect their decision and not force/threaten them to get the vaccine. The elderly in the nursing homes are vulnerable population and respecting their dignity by calling them using their names and not “honey, mama,’’ demonstrates respect.

There is a social stigma regarding a single 24-year-old pregnant homeless woman. This woman might have been raped or might be mentally handicapped. I think the bast way to advocate for this woman would be to actively listen to her experience as a homeless pregnant woman without judging and offer resources such as women shelters available in the area. Here in Jacksonville FL, I would refer her to the Family Promise of Jacksonville which provides basic needs for women and children.

The 16-year-old girl who ran away from foster home with IV drug habit is vulnerable and might have started using drugs due to built up emotions of anger, depression. Majority of youth flee from their homes of origin or foster homes due to neglect, physical violence, emotional and sexual abuse (Smid, Bourgios, & Auerswald, 2010). The best way to advocate for this teenager is to actively listen to her and offer help to be hospitalized and weaned off IV drug use then coordinate with a social workers to be transferred to rehab then safe shelter that only cares for teenage women where she is allowed to attend and finish high school classes.

An immigrant worker with a positive TB skin test should be advised to get a chest X Ray to confirm the TB because some immigrants get a BCG vaccination for TB and most of the time it shows up as a positive skin test. If the XRay is positive, the best way to advocate for this patient would be to notify the department of health in his state, seek medical care in the hospital until stabilized, have anyone in close contact to the patient tested and treated accordingly, then encourage the patient to continue taking TB drugs as prescribed (Cole, 2020).

There is a stigma around patient’s with Hep B which is IV drug user, prostitute, or a healthcare worker. I would assist an employed married man with Hep B through blood transfusion 30 years ago by encouraging them to avoid foods that overwork the liver such as fatty foods, I would also encourage him to follow up with his primary doctor and hepatologist for further treatment.


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2. .In what ways would you choose to function as an advocate for vulnerable populations?

    • I personally feel like addiction has become so prevalent in our society within the last 10 years, and I truly feel like this disease needs to be further researched. I feel like there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the addicted brain. And because addiction is seen in so many different ways, and originated differently depending on the person. I think the key could be finding the common denominator of each person’s addictive behavior.
  • Discuss the types of assistance you might provide to each of the following clients from a vulnerable population:
  • A 24-year-old pregnant woman who is currently homeless and unmarried
    • I would help advocate for this single mother to receive medical assistance through Medicaid, WIC, and government housing. Then I would check into possible grants for school in order for her to receive a degree that can provide a good career for herself and her child. Our government has made more options for single mothers, however, many people are unaware of how to gain assistance, therefore, I find it would be beneficial for me to assist her.
  • A 16-year-old girl who has run away from her foster home and who has an IV drug habit
    • Many state-funded rehabs are unfortunately not equipped for the counseling a foster child would need. Her addiction could potentially stem from a mental disorder, past trauma, or feeling of abandonment. In order to heal a person with substance abuse you have to assist in teaching them to heal from their past and whatever happened that was the reason to use in the first place. Many of the private rehabs now have scholarship programs for people that are in much of the same situation as this girl. Therefore, advocating for her to be awarded a scholarship would be beneficial for her.
  • An immigrant worker whose TB skin test just came back positive
    • Educating the immigrant that it is important for him to seek medical attention, as well as letting him know about HIPPA regulations and how medical attention has to be given to anyone in need, even if they do not have insurance. Also it is important to teach about ways to prevent spreading TB to his family.
  • An employed, married man who contracted Hepatitis B through a blood transfusion 30 years ago
    • I would find it important to educate the man on the nutritional needs to assure his liver does not receive further damage. Also, I would educate him on consuming alcohol and how it could damage the liver further.


Loignon, C., Fortin, M., Bedos, C., Barbeau, D., Boudreault-Fournier, A., Gottin, T., Goulet, É., Laprise, E., & Haggerty, J. L. (2015). Providing care to vulnerable populations: a qualitative study among GPs working in deprived areas in Montreal, Canada. Family practice, 32(2), 232–236.

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