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Netflix Cloud Migration Research Paper

Netflix Cloud Migration Research Paper

Question Description

Please check the book I attached and make it look as simple as possible because I’m an international student and the professor said that he will focus on the level of writing. Please I need a short proposal paragraph asap because I have to seek approval from the professor.


Relevant workforce experience in cloud computing does not always involve hands-on deployment of infrastructure. There are many technologists in the workforce who serve as successful cloud architects by being able to design, describe, and understand cloud architectures that are explained by documentation and diagrams, and rarely if ever log into the AWS Management Console.

In our Discussion boards, we have been talking about how the cloud computing concepts you’ve learned can benefit real-world companies that rely heavily on information technology. If you choose Option 2 for your final project, you must pick a company from the Fortune 500 list, assume that they are not currently utilizing the cloud, and you will author a seven (7) page paper explaining how you would migrate their on-premises services to AWS. You will also submit diagrams showing how the AWS services you would deploy are interconnected, and how typical workflows/requests travel through the system.

If the company you select is exceptionally large and has many products and services, you should narrow it down to a specific product or service. For example, if you choose Apple, you should narrow your project down to focus on Apple Music or the backend retail systems that support
Apple Stores.

Architecture Option Requirements and Grading Rubric:

  • Seek approval for your company/service from the professor by October 25thno late exceptions (1 pt.)
  • Author a seven (7) page paper, excluding images/diagrams/etc., covering all of the following topics: (11 pts. total)
    • Company/product background (1 pt.)
    • Description of/assumptions about current on-premises systems (2 pts.)
    • Explanation of why migrating to the cloud would benefit or harm this company, covering items such as cost, system reliability, data integrity and security, and migration difficulty (2 pts.)
    • Your proposed cloud migration strategy (see this link for details) and why you selected it (1 pts)
    • Explanation of specific AWS services you would use as part of the migration, why you selected them, and how they map to your assumptions about the company’s current on-premises systems (4 pts.)
    • The voice of the paper should read like a proposal; imagine that the CEO of your selected company is reading your paper, and will use it to decide whether or not to hire you to architect their cloud migration (1 pt.)
  • Create two (2) diagrams that show: (8 pts. total)
    • An overview of the entire system, showing all of the AWS services you would deploy for this company/product’s migration, and how they connect to one another (2 pts. without Lucidchart/Visio; 4 pts. with Lucidchart/Visio)
      • This diagram should look similar to industry standard AWS diagrams like the below examples. This can be done for free with Lucidchart, or with stencils available to Microsoft Visio, if you have it (2 pts.)
        Example 1
        Example 2
        Example 3
      • If you absolutely cannot get either of these things to work, using shapes in PowerPoint or hand-drawing and scanning the diagram will be accepted, but you will not receive the above 2 points for using proper diagramming software
    • An overview of one specific workflow that would be requested of the system, what services the request would be processed by as it travels through your system, and any traffic the request’s response generates back to the requesting user (4 pts.)
      • The flows of the request and response should be clearly noted by text as well as by arrows that show the direction the traffic is flowing through your system
      • If the request flows through a majority of the system’s architecture, you may create a copy of your overall system diagram and illustrate the arrows for the flow over it, but still submit this as a second diagram; however, the preference is that an entirely separate diagram is created that shows just the AWS services that are touched by the request/response

Required Deliverables and Timeline:

  • By October 25th: Your idea for a company/product, e-mailed to the professor.
  • By November 22nd, uploaded to Canvas:
    • Your seven (7) page paper
    • Your two (2) diagrams
  • NO late submissions will be accepted.

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