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National Aviation Academy Practice Skills Finance Majors Worksheet

National Aviation Academy Practice Skills Finance Majors Worksheet

Question Description

hello every one I need help with this project to get done please if you have any question let me know thank you

  • Naming Worksheets (Skill 4.2)
  • Changing the Color of Sheet Tabs (Skill 4.3)
  • Moving and Copying Worksheets (Skill 4.4)
  • Grouping Worksheets (Skill 4.6)
  • Modifying Column Widths and Row Heights (Skill 4.9)
  • Changing the Worksheet View (Skill 4.15)
  • Adding Headers and Footers (Skill 4.15)
  • Applying Themes (Skill 4.8)
  • Splitting Workbooks (Skill 4.14)
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns (Skill 4.7)
  • Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets (Skill 4.12)
  • Freezing and Unfreezing Rows and Columns (Skill 4.10)
  • Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns (Skill 4.11)
  • Changing Worksheet Orientation (Skill 4.18)
  • Setting Up Margins for Printing (Skill 4.21)
  • Scaling Worksheets for Printing (Skill 4.20)
  • Showing and Hiding Worksheet Elements (Skill 4.17)
  • Printing Selections, Worksheets, and Workbooks (Skill 4.22)
  • Printing Titles (Skill 4.21)
  • Inserting Page Breaks (Skill 4.16)

NOTE: If group titles are not visible on your Ribbon, click the Excel menu and select Preferences to open the Excel Preferencesdialog box. Click the View button and check the Group Titles check box under In Ribbon, Show. Close the Excel Preferencesdialog box.

  1. Rename Sheet1 and change the color of the sheet tab.
  2. Make a copy of the WF300 sheet.
  3. Name the new sheet WF301 and change the tab color.
  4. Group sheets WF300 and WF301 so you can apply formatting changes to both sheets at once.
  5. Add a header and footer to both worksheets at once.
  6. Apply the Gallery theme to the workbook.
  7. Select the WF300 sheet. It can be difficult to work with such a wide worksheet. Scroll to the right to see the end of the semester, and you can no longer see the student names. Split the screen into two views of different parts of this worksheet.
  8. Insert a new row to add a new student to the list.
  9. Select the WF301 sheet. Because this sheet was copied from the WF300 class worksheet, the student names and ID numbers are not those of the students in WF301 class. Copy the student data from Sheet2, and then hide Sheet2 when it is no longer needed.
  10. Mary Wahl has decided to drop the class. Remove her from the WF301 class roster.
  11. Use the Freeze Panes option to keep rows 1:8 and columns A:B visible at all times.

Modify sheet WF301 to print as an attendance sign-in sheet.

  1. Set the page layout options.
  2. Print only the part of the worksheet to use as the attendance sign-in sheet.

At the end of the semester you will need to print all the attendance records to turn in to the administration office. Let’s set this up for the WF300 class worksheet.

  1. Modify the worksheet so column A and rows 1 through 8 will print on every page.
  2. Preview how the worksheet will look when printed and make adjustments from the Print page to keep the report to four or fewer pages.
  3. Modify the worksheet page breaks so weeks 1-8 print on the first page and weeks 9-16 print on the second page.

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