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MC Marketing & Business Level Strategies & Differentiation Strategy Discussion

MC Marketing & Business Level Strategies & Differentiation Strategy Discussion

Question Description


Chapter #4 outlines + explains the top FIVE Business Level Strategies that companies adopt/implement.

Please post answers to these DF questions:

  1. Identify/List the FIVE different Business Level Strategies.
  2. Select any THREE out of the FIVE Business Strategies….Provide a short explanation (at least 2 features) of the selected strategy.
  3. Using the company that you are focusing on this semester: In YOUR opinion, which SPECIFIC Business Level Strategy is YOUR company using +Please explain why YOU believe this is the case.

(Required Text(s): Strategic Management Competitiveness & Globalization Author(s): Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson Edition: 13 th Year: 2016 Publisher: Cengage)


Case Study Content

Top of Form

Review the following steps to support your consideration and answer to the scenario below; 1. Look at the big picture 2.Identify the real issue 3.Brainstorm solutions 4. Select the best solution 5. Make a Plan you can be committed to 6. Look at expected outcomes from your solution.


You are currently working at a small company of about 100 employees. Your company just lost a very large client and therefore they need to let go five employees in your department. The workload of the five employees has to be divided up between you and a fellow employee. The fellow employee is very upset about this because now he/she must take on more work and not get a pay raise. This employee wants you to join him/her and fight the boss together for more money. You don’t feel comfortable doing this because you like your job. You would like to make more money, but you do not want to upset anyone and loose your job. On top of this situation, there is a new client coming in with a big project to be completed in three days.

What would be your decision in this case? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages or both to your decision. Explain in at least 200 words.


Weekly Assignments Content

Answer the following questions, providing detailed explanations and specific examples with each response. 3 paragraphs with at least 7 sentences each.

  1. In a speech to motivate action, why should the audience be provided with information to take action immediately?
  2. When would a statement of reasons pattern be effective?
  3. When would a comparative-advantages pattern be effective?
  4. In the notes this week there is a list of fallacies that should not be used in speeches. Provide an expanded definition and examples for each of the terms listed.

***Submit assignment as a MS Word file to the “Safe Assign” dropbox by 5PM (EST) on Sunday.

1. Did the speaker in the video persuade the audience to accept his/her point of view? Discuss the characteristics of a successful persuasive speech. Should a speaker feel defeated if his or her speech fails to persuade every listener?

Watch Video

Persuasive Speakers

Duration: (1:57)

User: rook2king22 – Added: 6/11/08

YouTube URL:

*** Post initial response by Wednesday and respond to at least two peers by Sunday.

**Posts should be at least 200 words


You should reply to this 2 comment and your reply should be at least 125 words each**

Comment 1 to Yoranny Lopez “Hello class

The speaker in the video did persuade the audience by the way they delivered it. The way they delivered the speech was with enthusiasm and also showing interest to the people they want to deliver the message too. They spoke directly to the audience, specking loud and clear and also using hand gesture.No they shouldn’t feel defeated because someone speech may be for a small amount of the audience and not everyone. Hearing means receiving the message. Listening is actively paying attention. Not everyone will be doing that so a lot of people won’t take or receive the speech.listening important in public speaking for both the speaker and the audience to understand how audience feels about subject and see how they react while you are giving the speech auditory, visual clues listener, respecting speaker and paying attention to the message. When delivering a speech it may be interested to some and not all, but you will actually see people paying attention. Watching this video made me focus on what they were trying to say because of the way they looked in the video.”

Comment 2 to Cathy Mangaroo-Samson “Good day professor and classmates

After researching the definition of persuasive speech, I think the speakers in the video did persuaded the audience to accept his/her point of view – persuasive speech is a specific type of speech in which the speaker’s goal is to convince the audience to accept his or her point of view. The speakers’ intentions were to inform, educate and motivate the audience. The audience were listening attentively and they responded convincingly in agreement to what was being discussed, by clapping or engaging.

The characteristics of a successful persuasive speech are; having great opening sentences that grabs the audience interests, ensuring that there are credible evidences, and the conclusion convinces the listener to support what was said. In addition to having the above mentioned, the speech should be delivered by speaking slowly with clarity, precision, interest, informal touch and free from emotions.

In my opinion, a speaker should feel defeated if the speech fails to persuade every listener because the speaker must be clearly audible to all members of the audience, structured and organized, and highly skillful in presentation and delivery. The aim is to impact positive decision on the audience, to have the audience accept an idea or theory. The speaker must have the ability to create a big impact on the listener that they will want to act upon whatever message which was delivered immediately.”


1. Some people are more likely to vote than others. Older persons vote more frequently than younger people. Wealthy voters make it to the polls more often than poor voters. What might cause older and wealthier individuals to exhibit greater turnout?

2. What changes to voting regulations might raise voter turnout and why?

F.1. comment to this 3

Hello All,

Now that we are at the half way point for the semester. You will be working on your group presentations. What do you think will be the most challenging part about working in a group and why? How do you think you will be able to work around this?

Please respond to my post first, and then respond to 2 other classmates posts.

Classmate 1 “Silas Nicholas

Good day everyone,

I believe that coordination will be the most challenging part of working in an online group. Proper coordination is a key component of a successful group. Group members have different schedules and personal responsibilities. It may be difficult to set a meeting or discussions where everyone would be present to make a collective decision or give their input about schedules, meeting dates, or targets, in real-time.

An effective way to work around this is by meeting once in the beginning and setting a group leader and a scheduler. The group leader would be responsible for delegating tasks and the scheduler would give each task a deadline/targeted date to be completed. That way everyone could play their part and focus on getting their portion done by their designated deadline. Less time and energy will be spent trying to get everyone to meet at a specific time to figure out what the group would be doing next.”

Classmate 2” Antoneishia Leeming-Vick

I think the most difficult part of a group project, in our current times, is being able to articulate a schedule to meet up that works around everyone’s work/home/personal schedule. I recently had to work in a virtual group project, and that was the hardest part in my opinion. This made it hard to communicate and organize everyone’s thoughts and information efficiently.

The best way to work around this is to establish communication early to eve able to set exact times and dates for everyone to meet, or at least be able to coordinate with another group member who was able to participate in the live group meeting so you can catch up and be abreast on the progress. I learned to also incorporate other communication platforms like iMessage since thats more accessible”

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