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MAT 275 CCSD Mass Spring System MatLab Differential Equations Lab Report

MAT 275 CCSD Mass Spring System MatLab Differential Equations Lab Report

Question Description

i have mat lab homework %% Lab 5 – Your Name – MAT 275 Lab% The Mass-Spring System%% EX 1 %% A) % answer and short comment%% B) % answer%% C) % answer and short comment%% D) % answer%% E) % List the t values either in decimal format or as a fractions% involving pi.% Answer the question%% F) % Run LAB05ex1 with the given values of m and k. Include the two % distinct graphs, each with y(t) and v(t) plotted.% Comment on the results.%% EX 2 %% A) % add commands to LAB05ex1 to compute and plot E(t). Then use ylim([~,~]) % to change the yaxis limits.% Include the code, at least one plot of E(t) and a comment.%% B) % write out main steps here% first differentiate E(t) with respect to t using the chain rule. Then% make substitutions using the expression for omega0 and using the% differential equation%% c)% Include modified M-file (or the added lines), plot and comment %% EX 3 %% A) % modify the system of equations in LAB05ex2% write the t value. I you use the given matlab commands you will need to explain them. %% B)% write t value and max |V| value; % note: velocity magnitude is like absolute value!%% C) % include 3 figures here + comments. % use title(‘text’) to attach a title to the figure%% D) % What needs to happen (in terms of the characteristic equation)% in order for there to be no oscillations? Impose a condition on the% characteristic equation to find the critical c value. Write out main steps%% EX4 %% A) % include the completed M-file, 1 figure and comment%% B) % again find dE/dt using the chain rule and make substitutions based on the% differential equation. You should reach an expression for dE/dt which is% in terms of y’%% C) % Include M-file (or the added lines), one figure and comment

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