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Lehman Sailing & Horse Riding Skills Are Associated with Wealthy Individuals Ques

Lehman Sailing & Horse Riding Skills Are Associated with Wealthy Individuals Ques

Question Description

Term Project Guidelines

Case Study Title: Classism Isn’t Classy


“Employees today are expected to work in teams rather than solely on their own. They

are expected to keep learning new skills and to assume broader roles. They are

expected to take more risks and responsibility for results.”

(Society for Human Resource Management, 2019)

This case study involves an exploration of how class differences affect workers and productivity in a family-owned business.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the case, students will learn how to:

• Define and discuss the labels assigned to socioeconomic classes and become

familiar with the values, behavioral norms, traditions, ways of thinking, beliefs and

attitudes commonly held in lower, middle, and upper classes,

• Identify how socioeconomic perspectives affect attitudes about work.

• Anticipate and proactively respond to class differences that affect workplace

performance, productivity, employee retention, employee satisfaction, and customer


• Recognize the potential for cultural collisions between members of the three

primary socioeconomic classes.

A Student Workbook contains the case study, Classism isn’t Classy. Everyone must read it to be able to develop the two parts of this assignment.

The Student Workbook contains a questionnaire (pages 10 and 11) on which answers

determine one’s propensity and knowledge about behaviors in three social classes:

• Low/poverty class

• Middle class

• Upper/wealth class

Note: The answers to these questions are personal and are not required to be included in the Student Report; however, based on one’s answers on the questionnaire, students must prepare a report that contains the following information:

The Layout of the Student Report:

I. Cover page on which the following information is listed:

a. Term Project for MG211-44, Fall 2020

b. Prepared by: (your name)

c. The Title of this Project – Classism Isn’t Classy

II. An Introduction to the report including the student’s Thesis statement.

Note: If you do not remember (from your English courses) how to write an introduction to a

paper or a thesis statement — refer to your English textbook or use a search engine to look it


III. Answers to the following questions based on the results of your self-assessment:

1. Which socioeconomic group are you best skilled to survive in?

2. Are you comfortable with your cultural designation? Why or why not?

3. Based on your results, when and how did you learn the skills that you possess?

4. What new skills might you need to acquire if you found yourself living in

a socio-economic community where you have few of the stated survival skills?

5. Are there any new skills that you would need to acquire that you might not be

particularly interested in learning? If so, which ones, and why?

6. Do you think you would be accepted in the new socioeconomic community if

you did not acquire the skills that others in the class possess?

IV. A Conclusion that reiterates the Thesis statement and describes how it was


Note: If you do not remember (from your English courses) what should be included in the

conclusion to a paper or how to explain how your thesis statement was satisfied — refer to

your English textbook or use a search engine to look it up

Final Notes:

-The use of examples and research material is encouraged; however, each topic that is discussed in your report should be preceded by a descriptive heading.

-All published sources that were used in the reports must be properly cited in the APA citation format and the items on the Works Cited page should be tied to (at least one) intext APA citation.

-The top of the student report must list the student’s name

-Each answer must be preceded by the question text followed by a blank space before the answer.

-The information should be written in a business-writing format (e.g., structured, outlined, and use of headings and sub-headings where appropriate when describing several factors related to the answer).

-Use the filename: Student Report for (your name)

-Use of APA-format citations is imperative both within the body of the report (immediately following the borrowed passage) and on a Works Cited list.

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