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HFT 2750 University of Central Florida Term Project Event Experience Presentation

HFT 2750 University of Central Florida Term Project Event Experience Presentation

Question Description

Term Project Event Experience (250 points)

This project will give you the opportunity to develop an event concept while completing a checklist of tasks required to plan an event. There will be no presentation of this project but the end result of this project will be (1) an event report/portfolio and (2) PowerPoint presentation. You will work in teams (up to five) or you can also work on this project individually. To choose your group, log on to WebCourses and go to our course page. To the left on the navigation bar, you will see “People”. Click on that and then choose the tab “Project Group”. You will be able to place your name in one of the 20 groups. Choose a group and drag your name to it. You are not allowed to have more than 5 group members. Once formed, please discuss with your members to choose a group leader and a scenario (at the end of this document).

Your entire event report/portfolio should not exceed 20 pages in length (including text, tables, references, and all creative materials). This page limit will lead you to focus on the quality of your event and not on the number of pages you write. Not all of the sections will require a full page. For some sections, a paragraph will suffice. You may find it useful to summarize some of the information in charts or tables to enhance the organization and clarity of that section (for example, budget). A couple of charts or tables may save you several pages of writing. The report/portfolio should focus on interpreting the information you gather, on your strategies, and rationale. Overall, the report should provide answers to the 5 Ws (Why, Who, When, Where, What).

You will also submit PowerPoint presentation as if you are presenting it to the client (Board of Directors). You will have 20 slides more or less. Each section might require a slide, but not always. You can be flexible with the arrangement of your sections. Your PowerPoint slides should be concise with bullet points. Details for each section should be in the report/portfolio. Do not overload your slides with content. You should add photos to make it more presentable. Presentation will NOT be required.

How to submit: You will submit a PDF or Word file with the report/portfolio and PowerPoint slides (at the end) combined into one document. Please do not put one PowerPoint slide on each page. This will make your report extremely long. Please use the option to present two to four slides on a page. Make sure your slides are legible.

Due date will be announced at WebCourses.

You are an event organizer. You were asked by a Board of Directors to develop an event concept, including operational planning, marketing, and risk management based on your selection of one of the Event Scenarios (examples presented at the end of this document). You are competing with other companies (in this case, groups). Your goal is to be selected as the company (group) to put this event together. Your report/portfolio must consist of the following:

  1. Cover page with title of event, course number, group name, and your names (5 points)
  2. Table of contents (5 points)
  3. Content (include the following) (150 points)
    1. General overview of your company/team/group
    2. Name and concept of the event
    3. Date and time of the event
    4. Describe your attendees (e.g., who are they (demographics and other characteristics to describe them), how many are you expecting)
    5. Marketing strategy that you will use and why
    6. Venue selection
    7. Accommodation selection (hotel rooms) – If a local event, might not need for attendees but will need for VIPs and organizers.
    8. Event space and setups
    9. Food and beverage
    10. Event program/schedule
    11. Sponsors
    12. Exhibitors/vendors
    13. Event technology
    14. Service providers (service contractors, AV providers, etc.)
    15. How are you being socially responsible, such as green practices?
    16. Describe how you will make use of Visit Orlando (DMO) services (or explain why you are not using their services).
    17. Identify if you would make use of a Destination Management Company (DMC) and why (or why you are not using their services)
    18. Budget for the event (rough estimate) – this should be presented in a table
    19. Risk management (how will you ensure safety and security) and Legal issues to consider
    20. Why should the Board choose your company/event?
    21. Reference list (APA style) (10 points)
  4. PowerPoint Presentation file that will be submitted along with the project (presentation is NOT required) (40 points)

In addition, you will be graded on the following:

  • Professionalism of your report/portfolio and power point presentation (e.g., organization, typos and grammar, flow) (10 points)
  • Creativity (10 points)
  • Peer Evaluation: After submission, there will be a peer evaluation. (20 points)

If you do not follow the instructions, there will be a deduction of points.



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Cover Page Should include title of event, course number, group name, and member names


Table of Contents


Content – please read the assignment instructions (see above the specific sections)


List APA style


PowerPoint Presentation that will be submitted along with the project (presentation is NOT required)


Professionalism: Report/Portfolio


Outcome Creativity


Peer Evaluation


Total Points:



Your event will be based on one of the following scenarios. Please choose one for your group.

Scenario # 1: You are approached by the Central Florida Wedding Association. You are planning a Bridal Expo to market various bridal vendors in the Orlando area. The goal is to get as many brides-to-be (and their moms!) to the showcase. You will also need to develop an expo that meet the needs of bridal vendors (e.g., wedding venues, wedding planners, photographers, caterers, linen companies, invitation printers, etc.) and get them to buy booth space and exhibit. The event should be scheduled at a venue in Central Florida.

Scenario # 2: You are approached by the United Arts of Central Florida (UACF). Your team is planning a fundraising event (or series of events) targeting key donors to raise money to support programs that engage local schools and students (elementary, middle, and high school) in the performing arts. As Orlando strives to become a more diverse and creative destination, the city has made significant investments in Arts and Cultural programs and infrastructure. Your goal is to create an engaging and impactful event for your attendees and raise at least $100,000 for UACF.

Scenario # 3: You are approached by the Entertainment Software Association. Your team is planning a video game event targeted for the young generation (elementary and middle school students). Your goal is to create a fun but also educational event that will enhance the perception of video gaming among parents. This will be a regional event that will raise funds for educational video games research.

Scenario # 4: You are approached by the Florida State Golf Association. You are planning a charity golf tournament with proceeds benefiting a local charity, the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. Your goal is to develop an event that will provide a relationship building opportunity for your association members and raise at least $20,000 for the charity. The tournament will be held at a golf course in the state of Florida.

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