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De Anza College Ancestral DNA Testing Prosanta Chakrabarty Ted Talk Discussion

De Anza College Ancestral DNA Testing Prosanta Chakrabarty Ted Talk Discussion

Question Description

Part 1- Watch the following TED talk. (Links to an external site.)

Part 2– Identify some of the major topics of this video. Usually there is a main topic, and some subtopics. So for example:

One of the main ideas of this video DNA.

Part 3-Write your opinion/ analysis/ response related to the topic (or subtopics of the video- choose ONE). A response is a critique or evaluation of the essays. It is composed of YOUR opinions in relation to the articles being summarized. It examines ideas that you agree or disagree with and identifies the essays’ strengths and weaknesses in reasoning and logic, in quality of supporting examples, and in organization and style. A good response is persuasive; therefore, it should cite facts, examples, and personal experience that either refutes or supports the article you’re responding to, depending on your stance.

  • Use expressions like this:

From my perspective, I…

I completely agree/ disagree…

Although the author makes a valid point, I feel that…

Though I concede that… I still feel…

My own view is…

I would argue that…

Overall, I believe…

This is a very/ extremely important issue due to the fact that…

  • Use transition words to connect your thoughts/ opinion- You have a full list here.
  • Make sure you explain why you feel the way you do.
  • Write in paragraph format.

Click on “reply” to submit your answer.

Part 4: After submitting your response, pick TWO students, and reply to them. Engage in a discussion on this topic. Give meaningful feedback, give your opinion, etc. The purpose of this activity is for you to get to know your classmates, engage in a meaningful discussion, and improve critical thinking and writing.

Again , click on “reply” to communicate with your classmates.

Here is a SAMPLE on a Ted Talk response (not related to the topic of this video):

Opinion paragraph

One of the major themes from this TED Talk is the use of technology in the classroom. I have mixed feelings about this topic. Although computers can be a huge help in school they can also be an enabler for failure. For example, they can cause students to lose basic skills like spelling and grammar. As humans we learn to take shortcuts rather than learn how to do things for ourselves. Another reason why I am divided on this issue is due the fact that I have benefited from these programs and available software. For example, there are programs that you can pay for that will organize your entire essay. This program will correct all grammatical issues and spelling, however, this is a skill that is important but with programs like these we lose the motivation to learn how to do it because we can just have a computer do it for us. While computers do help in education by making subjects simpler and allowing children to work on things at their own pace, the fact is that in the long run it does more harm than good. Children learn to rely on technology and find programs that either do the work for them or deteriorate the skills they should know. Things like grammar and spelling are lost. Overall, as a student I have both benefited from technology but I also know that I do rely too much on it and have lost some skills. So is there a solution? Perhaps the middle ground is to find a balance between technology and education the good old-fashioned way where students do exercises without the use of technology.

“Reply to a student”- You need to pick TWO for this assignment. This one is just a sample.

Hi Susan,

I really like your point of view on technology. Technology is a great aid in my learning too. Not only does much of it allow the professor or students to communicate knowledge and ideas in new and exciting ways, it also eases the ability to then access that information for later perusal. For example, a group could present a PowerPoint presentation and then allow the teacher to publish or stream it from a web site which the students could access form their dorm rooms. This is a great way to reinforce an exchange that took place in a classroom earlier in the semester without requiring more time and resources by the professor in a latter class period. My only problem is, I think we use it too much. Don’t you think? I get tired, my eyes hurt. What have been your experiences on the negative side?

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