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**REPOST** Read the post of your peers and respond to two. In each case, identi

**REPOST** Read the post of your peers and respond to two. In each case, identi



Read the post of your peers and respond to two. In each case, identify at least one aspect of the discussion in which you are similar or different. Focus on that issue, and explain your perspective on the importance of being prepared as a human service and public service leader add one reference to each. Peer Post are below to answer.


Discussion1post 1 



Many people who study aging or work with older adults approach their tasks from a specific disciplinary or professional framework, they look at things as a physician, a social worker, an economist, or a psychologist. Each of the many disciplines used to study aging has information and insights to offer as we seek to understand the process of aging in all of its complexity. In fact, anyone trained in the study of aging would be very unlikely to argue for the usefulness of just one discipline to the exclusion of all others in untangling the puzzle of human aging (Kunkel342). Working with the developmentally disabled population is a daunting task especially the elderly clients. 

Adults with developmental disabilities are living longer, healthier, more meaningful lives. Within the past seven years, advancements in medicine and public policy changes, along with a societal push for inclusion, have provided physicians with an opportunity to play a pivotal role in promoting, managing, and delivering care that supports a high quality of life for older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The number of adults with I/DD aged 60 and older is projected to nearly double from 641,860 in 2000 to 1.2 million by 2030.1 Adults with I/DD are more likely to develop chronic health conditions at younger ages than other adults because of biological factors related to syndromes and associated developmental disabilities, limited access to adequate health care, and lifestyle and environmental issues. These adults experience higher rates of obesity, sedentary behaviors, and poor nutritional habits compared with the general population.

Discussion 1 post 2

Top of Form

The topical essay "Ironies of Crime: Silver-Haired Victims and Criminals gives a detailed synopsis of the elderly population who have committed crimes in their latter years or have been victims of crimes. Persons over age 65 are substantially less likely than younger people to be victims of violent offenses, and this low rate has been true for many years (Klaus, 2005). The multidisciplinary approach is utilized in this essay by the gathering of pertinent information across a wide array of disciplines and perspectives. Data collection plays an intricate role in the process and it takes a significant amount of analyzation to create recommendations that are deemed sufficient. Consequently, crimes perpetrated against older persons may be somewhat more dangerous or have more negative consequences (e.g., anxiety or injuries) than those against more youthful victims (Kunkel 51). 

My role as a human service and public service leader when learning about the family in later life would be to ensure that this particular group of individuals are not being abused or victimized. Often times the elderly population are overlooked and severely mistreated due to their age which is considered discrimination. There is a slew of information to be learned about the family in later life and it is our responsibility as human services providers to conduct extensive research on their behalf. The multidisciplinary approach should be utilized as a conduit for changeBottom of Form


Discussion 2 Post 1

 Human/Social Service workers need to be aware of the increase racial and ethnic diversity that is and going to happen throughout the future (Morgan & Kunkel, 2016). This learner has had experiences of being told she could not help a resident because she was white and they wanted a black social worker.  This learner had to show that she was competent with the resident’s religion, culture beliefs, needs, and wants.  Being this was not the first time this has happened; competency was a must in different races and ethnic groups. Trust and respect had to be gained before the resident finally agreed to let this learner “in” and assist him.  Coming from a small county where, according to the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office census report, around 4,000 out of 29,000 residents being 65 years and older with the majority of the county being Black or African American with white coming second (SCRFA, 2015). Working in this field, being competent of different races and ethnic groups is a must when working in the county and anywhere else; plus this learner is the only social services worker in the nursing home.

Fontaine & Oyebode, (2014) mentioned that family relationships are important throughout the entire life of a person.  The support of family help with, “… enabling people with dementia to experience wellbeing, and maintain identity and self-esteem” (Livingston et al. 2008 as cited by Fontaine & Oyebode, 2014). The need for support services that can inform and help families who have a loved one with dementia with effective advice and interventions to avoid depression and improve coping strategies is great ( Brodaty, Gresham, &Luscombe, 2007; Knapp & Prince, 2007 as cited by Fontaine & Oyebode, 2007).  The lack of support services for families with loved ones who have a cognitive impairment is a problem.

         Most services offered to families and individuals of dementia or other medical and mental health disorders are usually financed by Medicaid (Muramatsu, Yin, & Hedeker, 2010). Medicaid dictates who is eligible for services due to income, disability/disorder, age, etc.; which most elderly do not qualify for.  Other support services are usually too much in cost or there is not enough services in the area for the older population. According to Muramatsu, Yin, & Hedeker, (2010), functional and physical decline can be a detrimental threat to the older population whom live on their own.  Living in a state that provides services for the older population with cognitive impairments and functional limitations could prevent the individual from becoming depressed (Muramatsu et al, (2010). Support services whether it be a club, transportation, religious/spiritual event, etc. helps reduce the social isolation of the older population (Nguyen, Sarkari, MacNeil,Cowan, & Rankin, 2013).  Working in a nursing home, the Social Service worker should be competent of support services in the area that a reputable, insurance friendly, and reasonably priced.




According to Falk, Bagis, and Kopac (2012) “Elders are the wise matriarchs and patriarchs of families and society. However with age and accompanying physical and cognitive decline, elders become increasingly vulnerable to mistreatment. Nevertheless, it is only in recent decades that elder mistreatment as a social policy issue has moved to the forefront of health care and social services in the United States.”

The topic of Elder Abuse is a significant topic of great importance due to the mistreatment of the elderly population. Elder abuse has received increasing attention over the past decade as a common problem with serious consequences for the health and well being of older people.( Larch and Pillemer, 2004).

I strongly believe Elder Abuse classes should be mandatory for all family who are primary caregivers of the elderly.   

Elder Abuse has a great interest personally for me. The last four years have been eye opening for me regarding care for the elderly.  I presently take care of my elderly mother who is eighty years old. I was charged with elder abuse by a family member who no-longer can take advantage of her. Through many interviews with social services the case was dropped finding the report fraudulent. However, when one is fully informed and knowledgeable when caring for the elderly, all laws can and will be followed when caring for the elderly.

The first and most important reason I strongly believe Elder Abuse classes should  be mandatory for all family primary care givers is to increase awareness and prevent elder abuse. I plan to research what specifically constitutes elder abuse.

The second reason I strongly believe Elder Abuse classes should be mandatory for all primary caregivers is for the knowledge, understanding and risk factors of elder abuse.

The final reason I strongly believe Elder Abuse classes should be mandatory for all primary family care givers is to know the scope of actions and consequences of elder abuse.



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